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Say it isn’t so; is Porsche considering a three-row SUV? Not only are they considering this vehicle, but it’s also in the works for the second half of the decade. This new three-row family hauler will be all-electric, which could make driving purists even angrier. There goes the neighborhood, at least the one that many drivers think Porsche should compete in. When you get down to what this new SUV offers, it does make sense for Porsche to build and electrify a three-row crossover SUV.

Why should Porsche build an electric three-row crossover SUV?

2022 Porsche Macan, Porsche SUVs, Consumer Reports
2022 Porsche Macan in Miami Blue | Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

The first fully-electric vehicle from the Porsche brand, the Taycan, is an extremely successful EV. In fact, the Taycan now outsells the venerable 911 sports car. This tells the bean counters at Porsche that the higher margin sales market is wide open for something more. Could that something more be a three-row crossover? It could, and that would be a first for the brand.

Sportiness is still part of the Porsche plan

Potential View of Porsche Electric Three-Row SUV
Potential View of Porsche Electric Three-Row SUV | Porsche

An electric three-row SUV doesn’t sound very sporty, but Automotive News reports that Porsche intends to ensure this vehicle receives a sporty interpretation of an SUV. The plans to build this full-electric crossover positioned above the Cayenne and Macan were confirmed by Porsche CEO Oliver Blume last month.

How long do we have to wait for this new Porsche SUV?

The new crossover, which bears the codename K1, will not be built until at least the middle of the decade. If we have to speculate, we expect this new SUV to arrive no earlier than the 2026 model year. Porsche intends to build this new model in Leipzig and incorporate technology from the Mission R concept, which was on display in Munich last year.

What could this new high-performance SUV take from the Mission R concept?

Porsche Mission R Concept Vehicle
Porsche Mission R | Porsche

The electrical system will be the most important item the new Porsche SUV will use from the Mission R. The concept vehicle boasted a 920-volt electrical system that could reduce charging times when it was shown off in Munich last year. The K1 should also have the direct oil-cooled electric motor from the concept car. These two items could change the EV game for the Porsche brand.

How does this new electric three-row SUV work into Porsche’s plans?

The Porsche Taycan takes on the Tesla Model S for the cheapest high-end luxury cars to own.
Porsche Taycan | Martyn Lucy, Getty Images

The leadership team at Porsche has announced the goal to reach 80 percent electrification by 2030. Having a new three-row all-electric crossover in the mix will be a huge step in that direction. Porsche also plans to electrify the 718 sports car and Macan SUV.

The Macan was set to launch next year, but delays for the entire Volkswagen Group have caused it to be pushed back. Might we see an electric Macan for the 2024 model year? Possibly.

A lot of questions about the new electric Porsche SUV left unanswered

A silver 2022 Porsche Cayenne
2022 Porsche Cayenne | Porsche

The announcement of a new three-row electric SUV from this sports car brand is exciting but leaves us with more questions than answers. Don’t worry; as we get more information about this new crossover; we’ll provide updates to keep you informed.

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