Study: Electric Pickup Truck Buyers Value Specs and Price Over Looks and Features

There’s no denying that we’re entering into the golden age of the electric pickup truck. With carmakers ranging from Ford, GMC, Tesla, and Rivian investing boatloads of cash into development, the results will surely be spectacular. However, it seems the traditional truck buyer and the electric truck buyer want slightly different things from their daily drivers.

In fact, a new study by PIPLSAY surveyed Americans to see which parts of these new vehicles mattered the most. Surprisingly, looks and features ranked at the very bottom of the list. Unsurprisingly, the top spot went to the truck’s actual specifications.

What is the most important feature an electric pickup truck needs to have?

A yellow Rivian R1T parked in front of a house in the forest
Rivian R1T front 3/4 | Rivian

Regardless of which electric pickup truck you’re looking for, all of the major models expected to arrive soon were part of this study. This includes the Ford F-150 Lightning, Tesla Cybertruck, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Hummer, Rivian R1T, Atlis Motors Vehicles XT, Lordstown Endurance, and the Bollinger Motors B2.

According to PIPLSAY, 34 percent of the buyers interested in a brand-new electric pickup truck cited specifications as their most important component. This includes things such as how much electric range the truck offers, as well as horsepower and towing capabilities.

From there, 28 percent said the most important factor was the truck’s price. Given the premium some of these trucks ask over a conventional internal combustion variant, this finding is far from surprising.

Next up, only 20 percent of buyers said the truck’s brand was the most important factor. Since these electric trucks are brand-new products, strong brand loyalty will likely help sales.

Here’s what American buyers cared less about

A white GMC Hummer EV Truck in a forest-lined grassy field
GMC Hummer EV Truck | GMC

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Since an electric pickup truck has to serve a practical purpose, prioritizing performance and price is key. As a result, this study found two areas Americans cared the least about. That’s because only 13 percent of Americans reportedly cited the truck’s features as the most important aspect. This includes trim levels, luxury extras, and interior specs.

Lastly, we’ve got the looks category. Only five percent of Americans answered that how a truck looks matters the most from a buyer’s perspective. This is particularly interesting since several models on this list, such as the Cybertruck, B2, and R1T, bank on their futuristic styling to draw attention.

Since these models will enter the U.S. market relatively soon, only time will tell how well they will sell.

How much does an electric pickup truck cost?

The Tesla Cybertruck's debut at Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne, California, in November 2019
Tesla Cybertruck | FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

Since price is one of the most important traits electric pickup truck buyers want to know, let’s see how much these trucks will cost you. Below is a list of the models covered in this study, along with their associated base price. Keep in mind that some of these models are still in development and don’t have specific pricing available just yet.

ModelBase Price
Ford F-150 Lightning$39,974
Tesla Cybertruck$39,900
Chevrolet SilveradoN/A
GMC Hummer$79,995
Rivian R1T$67,500
Atlantis Motor Vehicles XT$45,000 (EST.)
Lordstown Endurance$52,500
Bollinger Motors B2$125,000