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What happens when you delete the massive grunt and growl associated with most off-road trucks and SUVs? You find a quieter, more serene ride in the wilderness that can only be provided by one of the new electric off-road vehicles in the market. When you want to go deep in the wilderness but also desire a quiet ride, an EV might be exactly what you should drive.

What makes driving electric off-road vehicles more enjoyable than traditional models?

If your idea of getting back to nature doesn’t involve massive amounts of harmful emissions or deafening engine and exhaust sounds then an EV is exactly what you want to drive. According to The Verge, some of the other benefits of an electric off-roader include:

  • Easy torque at any speed
  • No shifting or clutch-slipping
  • No intake to keep dry
  • Calmer driving experience with less noise

Do some states require ICE vehicles to be modified for off-road driving?

In some states, internal combustion vehicles must have special modifications to ensure the exhaust doesn’t start a fire while out on the trails. According to Dan Quick, director of communications at Zero Motorcycles:

“There are spark controls that can be a bit onerous on ICE riders that electric riding never has to worry about.”

In states, such as California, that are prone to forest fires, these spark arrestors are required, or the rider could risk large fines or jail time. None of the electric off-road vehicles require these spark arrestors because there isn’t an exhaust.

Are there any drawbacks to electric off-road vehicles?

GMC Hummer EV In the Forest
GMC Hummer EV In the Forest | GMC

Yes, these EVs are limited in their driving range, which can’t be replenished with a gas can. If you drive a traditional off-road truck or SUV, you can carry several 5-gallon fuel cans full of gas to fill most of the tank back up when it’s getting low.

That said, an EV lasts a long time on the trails. The driving range quoted takes wind resistance and highway driving into account. While driving slowly on the trails, you could ride all day long and never run out of electricity in an off-road EV. Of course, if you do this, you’ll want to be near a charging station to replenish the batteries once you exit the trails.

What are the best electric vehicles for off-road fun?

 GMC Hummer EVRivian R1TFord F-150 LightningTesla Cybertruck
Ground Clearance10.1-16 inches14.9 inches8.4 inches16 inches
Approach Angle41.5 degrees35.5 degrees24.4 degrees35 degrees
 Departure Angle31.6 degrees29.3 degrees23.6 degrees28 degrees
 Breakover Angle22.3 degrees25.7 degrees17.6 degrees25.7 degrees
Driving Range329 miles314 miles240 miles500 miles

These four trucks have already released these off-road specs and all, but the Cybertruck is available for purchase. SUV versions of the Hummer EV and Rivian R1T are heading to the market soon.

Do you want to enjoy the sounds of nature during your off-road adventures?

Red Rivian R1T Fording Through Deep Water
Red Rivian R1T Fording Through Deep Water | Rivian

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If your idea of an amazing experience in nature is to hear the birds chirping, the running water, and the rustling of leaves as the wind blows, one of the electric off-road vehicles could be ideal for your driving pleasure. With so many benefits and only the limitation of the driving range, doesn’t it make more sense to drive an EV set up for fun and adventure on the trails?