Electric Lime or Cherry Pearl? Toyota Spices Up the Prius C

Source: Toyota

In a somewhat unprecedented move, Toyota is modding out part of the new 2016 Prius lineup as a pretty intense and eye-catching promotion of their company’s prize-winning hybrid technology.

You might think that Toyota doesn’t need to put in this kind of effort since the blitzkrieg popularity of the early Prius made this car a household name for hybrid design, but not content to rest on its laurels, Toyota’s engineers are still innovating in this space. One of the newest offerings is a limited edition run of a particular Prius model that will combine unique fashion with the no-nonsense fuel economy of the traditional Prius.

The limited run Prius C Persona Series is not for the usual and ubiquitous Prius vehicle, but for the 2016 Toyota Prius C hatchback. This car, which Toyota calls “Everyday eco fun sized for the city,” is something that Edmunds describes as “smaller and more urban-friendly” than the average Prius hybrid. Since 2012, the Prius C has been providing customers with a slightly trimmed-down and more affordable option for getting quality Toyota hybrid design into the driveway.

Source: Toyota

One of the biggest things about the Prius C Persona Series is something that you’ll see as soon as you approach the car: It starts with draping the often colorful exterior of the Prius C in black. These cars will have a “black on black” scheme with black exterior and black alloy wheels.

To offset the starkness of this color design, Toyota will add specific color accents to the grill, headlights, mirrors, and window trim. This will come in two vibrant (and delicious) colors – Electric Lime and Cherry Pearl.

Source: Toyota

The result is going to be something that you definitely won’t lose in a parking lot. In promotional literature, Toyota talks about the color scheme in kind of an odd way.

“You may have seen such paint schemes on customized exotics driven by pro ballplayers, but the effect costs far less on a 2016 Prius C Special Edition.” This has led nearly every venue reporting on the new limited edition Prius C to wonder about which ballplayers, exactly, are running around with Electric Lime and Cherry accents on their cars. Better ask TMZ or ESPN.

The limited Prius C Persona run will also get some particular Toyota features. One is keyless entry, another is an upgraded air-conditioning and climate system. Buyers will also get cloth seats and Bluetooth connectivity, and safety features like pre-collision warning and lane departure assist. These are critical features for the driving world of tomorrow, where self-driving or autonomous cars will increasingly share the road with traditional vehicles.

The 2016 Prius C Persona Series will be on sale in December, so look for this flashy limited edition car to fix one of the biggest problems that people have often talk about with the Prius — color. Today’s used car lots are filled with collections of Prius hybrid cars in colors like baby blue, lime green, silver, tan, and light maroon — colors that are not exactly associated with speed, performance, and style. The Persona Prius, on the other hand, is going to allow Toyota hybrid drivers to show off their wheels in a new way.

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