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Electric cars aren’t the only market buzzing from the crackling fingers of the electric motor. Where once the suburbs were humming with the sound of lawn mowers, these days are a bit quieter thanks to electric lawn mowers. But many people are wondering if these new electric lawn mowers are really worth the squeeze. So, are electric lawn mowers better than your old gas lawn mower

Man mowing grass along a fenceline with trees.
Lawn mower | Carnaby Gilany, Unsplash

Which is better, an electric lawn mower or a gas mower? 

Electric motors for lawn care are a stellar idea. They help to cut down on fuel consumption, emissions, and noise. Full disclosure: I love the sound of multiple neighbors doing yard work on a Saturday morning. That said, many others do not love the racket, so for them, the silence of electric lawn mowers should be an exciting prospect. 

According to the Family Handyman, a DIY site for home, lawn, and car care, there are major pros and cons to owning an electric lawn mower.


  • Quieter
  • Low maintenance (no oil, fuel, air filters, or belts to change)
  • Lightweight
  • Zero carbon emissions 


  • Short battery life
  • Chorded models require an outlet
  • Replacement batteries are expensive 
  • Often less powerful than gas mowers

Now, the old gas mowers are still grinding around yards all over the world. Despite the growing affection for electric motors, the old gas hogs are still contenders. Gas mowers might be messy and loud and less flashy than the new electric lawn mowers, but they are still a great way to do your best Hank Hill on the weekends. 

Family Handyman also shares some pros and cons of gas lawn mower ownership

A person with the oil for lawn mower changing the oil.
Changing the oil in a lawn mower | Getty Images


  • In general, they are much more powerful than electric mowers
  • No wires or batteries
  • Often built tougher
  • Parts and maintenance are cheaper


How to choose the right lawn mower

Individuals pushing lawn mowers across a sports field.
Individuals pushing lawn mowers | Getty Images

Choosing the right mower ultimately comes down to your yard. Electric lawn mowers are a fine choice for folks with smaller yards, minimal garage space, or living in a more urban setting. 

However, if efficiency is the goal and you don’t care about the racket and have the place to work on it when needed, gas lawn mowers are the way to go. Simply put, gas lawn mowers are more efficient, more powerful, more durable, and often cheaper than electric lawn mowers. But if the electric life is for you, these new-age mowers get pretty powerful, and not having to keep fuel in the garage wouldn’t be the worst thing either. 


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