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It’s rarely easy, but you could drive a classic car every day. Going the restomod route tends to make it a bit more enjoyable where performance, comfort, and reliability are concerned, though. But restomods aren’t limited to internal combustion anymore. These days, business is booming for shops that convert classics to electric power. And as Brooklyn Beckham’s new electric 1954 Jaguar XK140 shows, EV conversions let you easily enjoy vintage style every day.

Whether Coupe or Roadster, a Jaguar XK140 is one high-class classic

A white 1954 Jaguar XK140 Roadster parked next to a river bridge
1954 Jaguar XK140 Roadster | Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Imagine if you could get Bugatti Chiron speed for the price of a BMW 5 Series. That’s basically what the Jaguar XK120 was in the early 1950s. Its 120-mph top speed sounds tame today, but in 1950, that made it the fastest production car in the world. And yet, not only did it cost less than the contemporary Bugatti, but it was cheaper than a Ferrari, too.

However, while the XK120 was certainly fast and affordable, it had some flaws. So, in 1954 Jaguar addressed them with the XK140.

At first glance, the XK140 looks nearly identical to its predecessor. And that makes sense, given that it’s essentially an updated and redesigned XK120. Jaguar even offered it in the same body styles: two-seater roofless Roadster, two-seater Drophead Coupe, and 2+2 Fixed Head Coupe. But though its styling and overall design are similar, the XK140 is a different cat.

The Jaguar XK140 still has a 3.4-liter inline-six and a four-speed manual transmission like the XK120. But its engine makes 190 gross hp and the transmission has an overdrive gear for highways. In addition, although its chassis is nearly identical to the XK120 one, the XK140 has rack-and-pinion steering, Hagerty says. Plus, it has upgraded brakes, more suspension travel, and telescopic shocks rather than lever arms. Also, a bigger and comfier interior with more legroom and, starting in 1956, an optional automatic transmission.

Though it’s slightly heavier than the XK120, the Jaguar XK140 is faster. And thanks to C-Type cylinder heads, the 210-bhp MC models are faster still. But its biggest upgrade over the XK120 is its handling. Thanks to the suspension and steering changes, the XK140 is the better sports car. However, you don’t have to speed to appreciate its looks or its leather- and wood-trimmed interior.

Nor, as it turns out, do you necessarily need the inline-six soundtrack.

David Beckham gave his son a swanky wedding gift: an electric XK140

You might not be familiar with Brooklyn Beckham, but you might recognize his last name. He’s David Beckham’s son, and he just got married to actress Nicola Peltz. And his dad’s wedding gift was a 1954 Jaguar XK140 Roadster converted by Lunaz to electric drive, Hagerty reports.

That name also has a Beckham connection. Lunaz is a British company that specializes in restoring classic cars—including Jaguars—and converting them into EVs. Last year, David Beckham bought a 10% equity into the firm. And sometime later, he commissioned the team to build this electric XK140 for his son.

Lunaz doesn’t advertise its electric classic restomods’ power or range figures. However, an earlier twin-motor XK120 prototype made 375 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque, Road & Track reports. So, it’s safe to say that Brooklyn’s XK140 can keep pace with modern traffic. It can carve it up, too, thanks to its upgraded chassis, suspension, brakes, and steering. And a one-speed transmission is far easier to live with than the original four-speed stick, R&T says.

In addition, Lunaz’s electric classics feature some upgraded interior touches, and Brooklyn’s Jaguar XK140 is no different. For one, it has a cream-colored leather interior. And while the gauges look original, Lunaz subtly updated them to reflect the car’s new EV nature. For example, instead of a fuel gauge, the XK140 now has a battery gauge.

How much does a Lunaz electric classic Jaguar cost?

The rear 3/4 view of a black Lunaz electric Jaguar XK120 Fixed Head Coupe conversion parked at a London public charger
Lunaz electric Jaguar XK120 Fixed Head Coupe rear 3/4 | Lunaz

Now, Lunaz hasn’t revealed how much Brooklyn Beckham’s electric Jaguar XK140 build cost. However, the company’s Jaguar EVs start at roughly $456,000 at current exchange rates, Hagerty reports. It’s unclear if that includes the $40,000-$60,000 for a donor car, though. But you can’t buy one, at least, not right now.

Remember that bit about booming business? Lunaz’s doesn’t just convert classic Jaguars. The shop also tackles classic Range Rover, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley conversions, too. And its waiting list is currently over a year long.

It seems a lot of people want to battery it like Beckham.

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