Electric Frog Camping Trike: Might As Well Stay Home

Downsizing and carbon footprints are occupying more and more of our activities and planning. Especially, when it comes to camping we want to leave things as we found them, so minimizing our presence is key. That is the thinking behind the Elektro Frosh camping trike. Translated to “Electric Frog” camping trike, looking at the whole setup we’re thinking you might as well stay home.

Still, some will be intrigued so let’s take a look. With COVID-19 restrictions in place for social gatherings and places like stadiums, museums, and the suck, camping has become a big thing. It’s a way to travel and in some cases entertain keeping within the restrictions imposed. What could be better than enjoying the great outdoors with some of the comforts of home?

The Electric Frog is that it’s lightweight and relatively cheap

Electric Frog camping trike | Elektro Frosh

The good news about the Electric Frog is that it’s lightweight and relatively cheap. If you were thinking about bikepacking this beats that on a number of levels. Viewed from that perspective the Frog would be a step up. But if you’re used to even something like a small camper, motor home, or trailer, we can’t see one ever adjusting to this.

As you might imagine this is only available in Europe. At its core, it is an L2E moped with a collapsable tent riding in its bed. We have no idea if there is room for anything you might need for cooking or sleeping. We suppose you could stack everything on top of the collapsed top and tie it all down? 

The Electric Frog is light, compact, and easy to get in and out of tight spaces

Electric Frog camping trike | Elektro Frosh

Plusses are that it’s electric so no polluting. It’s light, compact, and easy to get in and out of tight spaces. The detachable camping kit includes a kitchen set up but again, we don’t see where it is stored. Tables, pots, pans, and food can be bulky but we’re guessing it has been figured out?

With the extendable kitchen comes a small stove, utensils, and cooking space which then becomes a small dining table. Storage is said to be there for folding chairs and a canopy setup. As pictured it does appear to provide the minimum basic accouterments for a camping experience. What kind of experience that is will be dependent on your needs and frame of mind.

There are two versions available. There is the Big and the Pro. Both can accommodate two campers, but the Big provides less protection while the Pro includes a full enclosure and a ceramic heater. 

To pull this off you’d need to drive a truck or van to a staging area

Electric Frog camping trike| Elektro Frosh

A Camper Shell on a Pickup Truck Is the Most Practical Camping Option

Once you find out the specs you understand that this supplements something that gets you within the vicinity of your camping spot. The range is a measly 37 miles. The top speed is 25 mph. So to pull this off you’d need to drive a truck or van to a staging area where you would unload your Frog, load it up, and take off no more than a few miles to your camping destination. If you run out of charge, it sucks to be you…

A full charge takes six to eight hours to fully charge. So, if you’re at a site with electricity that would help to provide overnight charging. With a few Frogs in the vicinity, you might be fighting for the electric hookups. 

The Electric Frog in the Big configuration will cost you $4,850. With the Pro version, you’ll have to pony up $6,000 for the camping bliss it provides. And don’t forget, these are only available in Europe right now.