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President Joe Biden has a vision of the future that may not come to fruition. The 46th President of the United States of America takes the current climate crisis seriously. He believes that changing the automotive industry could, in turn, change the country for the better. The President would like 50% of all new vehicles produced in 2030 to be electric vehicles. Is this a reasonable expectation, or is Joe being unrealistic?

How many new cars in the U.S. are electric?

Tesla China-made Model 3 electric vehicles which will be exported to Europe at Waigaoqiao port in Shanghai, east China, Oct. 19, 2020.
Tesla Model 3 electric cars | Xinhua/Wang Xiang via Getty Images

Electric vehicles account for roughly 2% of the new vehicle market share in the United States as of 2021. America’s northern neighbor Canada produces over double the amount of new electric vehicles. Countries like Iceland and Norway produce more new electric cars than gas-powered cars. America still produces more new electric vehicles than at least 10 other countries, but it is far from leading the charge toward an electric future.

China and the U.K. are also ahead of the United States in new electric vehicle production. Millions of new cars are sold in the united states every year, but less than a million of those new vehicles are electric. To make matters worse, the global pandemic has also hindered EV production and sales in America.

The majority of the new electric vehicle market share belongs to Tesla. Seasoned automaker Ford has introduced an electric truck and electric SUV to its lineup. The Ford F-150 Lighting and Ford Mustang Mach-E are in high demand, but Ford is struggling with semiconductor chip shortages.

Joe Biden and the future of electric vehicles

Joe Biden sitting at a white table in a chair dressed in a suit and tie in front of a blue background with engineering sketches of various things, such as road and bridges, wind turbines, electric vehicles.
Joe Biden | Getty Images

According to Reuters, President Biden met with representatives from some of America’s top automakers to discuss the future. Biden made it clear that he would like at least half of the new vehicles produced in the U.S. to be EVs in the next decade. Many American automakers expressed that 40% would be a more feasible goal. Automakers Stellantis, Ford Motor Co., and General Motors Co. released a joint statement claiming that they would work toward making 40-50% of new vehicle sales electric in 2030.

President Joe Biden’s goal is ambitious, especially considering that the U.S. has one of the lowest new electric vehicle market shares in the world. Americans aren’t letting go of gas-powered vehicles easily. The lack of charging stations across the country doesn’t help either. Many Americans believe that electric vehicles are impractical because they may need to charge frequently for long periods of time. Range anxiety is also a major issue with electric vehicles.

Which electric car is best to buy?

The Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle.
The Tesla Model 3 | Photo by Wang Gang/VCG via Getty Images

Joe Biden’s goal of selling millions of new electric vehicles in 2030 seems out of reach. That being said, there are actually plenty of great electric vehicle options on the market in the United States. Range and battery capacity are still major issues for many automakers, but Tesla seems to have things all figured out.

The Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling electric car on the market. The Tesla Model Y electric SUV makes up for a large portion of American new electric vehicle sales as well. President Biden has stated that he wants electric cars to be made in America by unionized workers. Tesla models don’t fit this criteria, but these vehicles are currently the electric industry leaders. Joe Biden’s electric dream has potential, but chances are the future will look a lot different than what he expects. If Tesla continues to create great value for consumers, it will dominate the future of the American automotive industry. Either way, less smog sounds pretty dreamy.


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