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General Motors has announced details of its electric Chevy Silverado. The pickup will be the first-ever all-electric version to hit the market. GM has released some details about the exciting new pickup, including its impressive range. As such, the electric Silverado will offer owners a new experience in pickup ownership.

The word Silverado in silver against a black background. The letter E is emphasized in blue.
Chevy announces details of electric Silverado | Chevrolet

Hints about the upcoming truck’s name

Chevy has kept details of the upcoming electric Silverado quiet, releasing only what’s been confirmed internally. An official name for the new pickup has yet to be released. Images from the teasers released by Chevy may hold a clue as to what the new Silverado will be called.

Chevy gives the impression that it may be called the Silverado E by emphasizing the letter “E” in press materials. Is this to illustrate that the truck is an EV? Or, is Chevy giving consumers a hint?

GM releases more details and teasers about the electric Silverado

General Motors announced that the electric pickup is to be assembled alongside the highly-anticipated electric Hummer. GM’s Factory ZERO plant in Michigan will produce both vehicles with Silverado production beginning in 2023 or 2024. GM estimates that the electric Chevy Silverado will last more than 400 miles per full charge.

100 years of experience behind the electric Silverado

A row of 1999 Chevy Silverados at a dealership
1999 Chevy Silverados | Kim Kulish/Corbis via Getty Images

In 1918, GM and Chevrolet merged. Chevy produced its first truck, the One-Ton, that same year. The One-Ton included a fabric cover reminiscent of horse-drawn covered wagons. The brand released the first Silverado 81 years later.

Chevy has a place in pickup truck history. The electric Silverado is a step toward the future. Automakers and consumers alike are moving away from combustion engines. Eventually, most trucks on the road will probably be electric models.

Chevy’s place in electric truck history

In 1997, Chevy made history by releasing the first all-electric compact pickup truck on the U.S. Market. The automaker produced 500 electric S10s between 1997 and 1998. Limited markets sold 60 of these units. Chevy destroyed the remaining 440 electric S10s to protect the technology. Chevy is a surprising name to see at the beginning of the electric truck timeline. It’s a testament to the brand’s authority on pickup trucks.

Can eletric pickups perform like their combustion counterparts?

A gold chevy logo on a silver vehicle grille
Chevy grille | Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

There’s no denying the market shift to electric vehicles. It’s more than just a lifestyle trend but the earliest stages of a total-market reinvention. Electric vehicles are becoming the norm. New charging stations and alternative fuel sources have made electric vehicle ownership easier than ever.

Can this new generation of passenger vehicles perform as well as combustion engine vehicles? In short, the answer is yes. Depending on the options chosen, a gas-powered Silverado offers a maximum of 12,200 pounds of towing capacity, with many trucks offering less.

Other electric pickups already offer comparable performance. Rivan estimates the R1T will offer 11,000 pounds of towing capacity, on par with most Silverado packages. It’s possible that new electric pickup trucks could surpass these estimates as technology advances.


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