This Electric Car Cleans Pullouted Air as It Drives Around and You Can Sleep in It

When you imagine the future of the auto industry, chances are you’re thinking of ultra-clean EV’s that may even drive themselves. However, a London-based design studio seemingly took that concept and ran with it. The electric car in question is called the Airo and was commissioned by Chinese carmaker IM Motors. While it may look like just another concept car on the surface, this vehicle has one clear goal, clean polluted air.

Heatherwick Studio designed the Airo as not only a zero-emissions vehicle but one that also drives itself. Additionally, it features a modular interior design, allowing you to sleep in or even dine with friends as you drive along.

How does this electric car clean polluted air?

A digital image of an IM Motors Airo concept electric car.
IM Motors Airo | Heatherwick Studio

Since this IM Motors Airo exists purely as a digital concept, it’s not concerned with any global regulations. This electric car is already on the weird side of things from a design aspect with its front horizontal openings, curved wheel arches, and massive glass panels. However, this is exactly how one of its key air-cleaning features works.

According to CarBuzz, this electric car features a HEPA filtering system. In short, the filter collects and cleans the air as it passes through the Airo’s under-carriage. As CarBuzz points out, this is likely to reduce the emissions created by other internal combustion cars on the road. Think of it then as the world’s most high-tech vacuum cleaner.

With tightening emissions regulations across the globe, it makes sense for even a new brand such as IM Motors to explore all ideas that could potentially reduce its overall carbon footprint.

You can sleep in or dine thanks to an adjustable cabin

A digital image of an IM Motors Airo concept electric car.
IM Motors Airo | Heatherwick Studio

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If sucking up polluted air wasn’t enough, this electric car can go above and beyond that. That’s because you’ll have two main forms of drivability. The first is with you as the driver behind the wheel, steering it around like any other vehicle. The second is via a driverless autonomous system. While this technology doesn’t exist quite yet, it may very well arrive during our lifetime.

As you might imagine, since this electric car doesn’t need a driver, you can do other activities while on the road. Since the Airo’s seats swivel and fold completely, you could lay them flat to take a nap as you drive in a full-size bed. Additionally, this electric car offers a center table so you can also have a complete meal. Since the chairs swivel, all four occupants could technically face each other.

Will this electric car concept ever make it into production?

A digital image of an IM Motors Airo concept electric car.
IM Motors Airo | Heatherwick Studio

If this electric car sounds like it lives in the realm of fantasy, that’s because it does. While this exact model will likely never make it into production, it allows IM Motors to draw inspiration for its new models. For example, items such as the adjustable seats and onboard table could be useful regardless if the car can’t drive itself just yet.

While the air suction system likely won’t make it into production either, it’s at least one other potential avenue worth exploring as we work to reduce our carbon footprint.