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Committed to making its 50% EV sales target by 2030, BMW is releasing electric vehicles left and right. With so many new electric BMWs coming down the pike, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. But one model that promises to stand out is the upcoming BMW i5. That’s right, the electric BMW 5 Series is official, and here’s what we know so far.

The BMW i5 rendered under cover
Sneak peek at the BMW i5 EV | BMW Group

No new electric powertrain in the electric BMW 5 Series

While the 2023 BMW 5 Series will be redesigned, the electric versions of the 5 Series model will get their powertrains from existing BMW EVs.

TopElectricSUV indicates that the base BMW i5 eDrive40, the 335-horsepower electric powertrain will come from the current BMW i4 EV. And in the powerful i5 M60 xDrive, the dual-motor electric powertrain will come from the current BMW iX electric SUV. At 590 horsepower and just over 800 pound-feet of torque, it will give the electric 5 Series plenty of grunt, and should deliver over 300 miles of range as well.

No electrified M5 in 2024

2023 BMW M5 CS
2023 BMW M5 CS | BMW

While the mainstream BMW lineup is getting plenty of electric models, anyone waiting on an electrified M Performance car will be waiting at least another year. BMW states that no electrified M cars are coming until at least 2025, even with a new M5 slated to arrive early next year.

That means drivers hoping for a BMW i5M (or would it be iM5?) won’t get it in this update. In addition, there is no knowledge regarding which model will be the first to get the M Performance EV treatment.

What will the electric BMW i5 look like?

BMW iVision Dee concept | BMW Group

So far, the 2024 BMW i5 and the rest of the new 5 Series lineup are still under wraps. However, there are some hints about what the newest BMW sedan will look like poking through the digital veneer.

In the cloaked photo, we see vertical LED strakes in the front headlights. These look similar to those found in the concept iVision DEE that BMW unveiled earlier this year. In addition, the new 5 looks as though it will retain a traditional kidney grille arrangement. This is a welcome sign, considering the polarizing looks of both the current 4 Series models and the latest 7 Series design.

Otherwise, the new electric 5 Series retains traditional luxury sedan proportions. The three-box look includes a long hood, sweeping roofline, and shortened deck. Overhangs appear similar to current 5 Series models. Unfortunately, body lines, bumpers, and other distinguishing features remain hidden.

The BMW i5 release date

While BMW has released no official data at this time, it is expected that the upcoming BMW 5 Series EV will go on sale in October of 2023. That will make it a 2024 model, with deliveries starting in November or December of this year.

As always, we’ll continue bringing updates as we learn more about the new BMW i5 and the rest of the updated 5 Series lineup.

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