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The streets of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia host the world’s most interesting 2013 Toyota Vios. Roni Gunawan has created the car as part of his taxi fleet. His passengers enjoy the novelty, but the car is worth a closer look. Roni Gunawan is a bold designer who follows his curiosity to whimsical places.

The 2013 Toyota Vios is a popular option on the eastern market

Western drivers may be unfamiliar with the Toyota Vios. Its sold in non-U.S. markets as an inexpensive option for a large sedan. Several of its features make it a popular option for taxi services. The car is sometimes known as the Toyota Limo in Indonesia.

The 2013 Toyota Vios is easy on fuel with an impressive combined fuel economy rate of 37.3 mpg. That’s thanks in part to its four-cylinder engine. Toyota designed this car to be large and roomy, making it comfortable and practical for transportation services.

Toyota marketed the Vios as an affordable and dependable option for buyers not overly concerned with appearances. That’s not to say the Vios doesn’t have its own visual appeal. This car is a minimalist’s dream which makes any modification stand out even more.

Gunawan’s engineering legacy

Roni Gunawan is no stranger to building weird and wonderful machines. His first creation, affectionately known as the two-faced Vios, was a viral sensation. In 2018 Gunawan revealed another heavily modded Vios that turned heads.

The two-faced Vios features two independent frontends oriented in opposite directions. Both ends of the car are fully functional, meaning it can drive forward or backward simply by pressing the other accelerator. The two engines share one fuel tank.

While onlookers love the mind-bending two-faced Vios, many-voiced safety concerns. Gunawan’s community worried that the car’s shocking appearance could be a distraction and cause accidents. However, the designer did not build this car to be a daily driver. Roni Gunawan built it out of engineering curiosity and creativity.

Eight wheels are better than one

The eight-wheeled 2013 Toyota Vios is a feat of engineering. The sedan features two wheels on the front axle and an incredible six wheels at the rear. Each tire on the rear wheels meets in a triangle of mesmerizing whirling rubber.

It’s impossible to miss the Vios as it passes by. Based on what is commonly expected of passenger vehicles, Gunawan’s design breaks convention. The unexpected wheels instantly draw the eye. This Vios is simply visually arresting and the wheels are not the only reason why.

Firstly, Gunawan chose to add a bold gull-wing door to his creative design. When both doors are open, this car looks like it’s out of this world. Secondly, the bright purple paint puts a rich finish on the look. The car is as beautiful as it is unusual. Any fare would feel like a celebrity in the back of this one-of-a-kind creation.

Building the eight-wheeled Vios was a feat of engineering. The project cost Gunawan roughly $7,000 just in the exterior modifications alone. Both the two-faced and eight-wheeled cars have gained followers and fans who love the unique and creative approach Gunawan takes to automotive design.


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