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The Honda Civic was completely redesigned for the 2022 model year and continues its legacy as one of the most affordable and economical cars in the market. Now in its 11th generation, the Honda Civic has grown in size and now has an upscale look that’s reminiscent of its Accord stablemate. Add a plush interior with new tech-savvy features to that equation and it’s sure to be a winner for the next few years. We know this because Edmunds recently crowned the new Honda Civic as its “Top Rated Sedan for 2022.”

Edmunds felt that the 2022 Honda Civic exceeded its predecessor

Rallye Red 2022 Honda Civic driving by a large building
Rallye Red 2022 Honda Civic | Honda

While the last generation of the Honda Civic brought a lot to the compact sedan segment in terms of features and styling, the 2022 model undoubtedly upped the ante. Sure, its looks are subjective, but the editors at Edmunds felt that the Civic’s styling is the “most welcome change.” They liked that the 11th-gen Civic’s exterior aesthetic no longer includes fake vents like the previous version, which in their eyes looked “overstyled.”

Additionally, Edmunds noted that the 2022 Civic is impressively comfortable and spacious. And while its engine choices remain largely the same for the new model year, they still provide “quick acceleration and high fuel economy for a small sedan.” Overall, Edmunds noted that the 2022 Civic deserved the award for being a well-rounded compact that “offers an outstanding mix of comfort, performance, and refinement.”

We love the new Honda Civic too

A red Civic sedan shot from the 3/4 in a neighborhood
2022 Honda Civic | Honda

Although the 2022 Civic didn’t make it on our list of finalists for MotorBiscuit’s “Best Car of the Year” for 2021, we still love it. I had the privilege of taking the new Civic on a two-day road trip through the Colorado mountains and came away very impressed. The editors at Edmunds aren’t wrong when they say that the Civic’s interior is comfortable and spacious as my Civic Touring test car never made me or my passenger feel cramped. We even had plenty of room for all of our luggage in the trunk for our weekend getaway.

In terms of power, sure, the 2022 model does carry the same turbocharged 1.5-liter engine as its predecessor, but I can see why. Honda does a great job of not fixing what isn’t broken and it shows. The little engine produces 180 hp and 177 lb-ft of torque, which was more than enough to get the sedan up to 12,000 feet without skipping a beat. What’s even better is that I was able to squeeze out an average of 35 mpg during the time that I had it.

What’s next for the Honda Civic?

An orange Honda Civic Si shot from the front 3/4
2022 Honda Civic Si | Honda

The new 2022 Civic Si recently debuted and has received much praise from many different critics. The new Civic Type R is due out soon and has only been seen under wraps. However, both platforms show a lot of promise in terms of performance while still carrying the same type of comfort and practicality as the non-performance model.

It’s clear that Honda listens to its fans which is why legendary stalwarts like the Civic have soldiered on throughout the years. That being said, we wouldn’t be surprised if it continued to win awards for the next few years. We might even give it one next year, but only time will tell.


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