Edmund’s Claims These are the Best Convertibles on the Market

Summer is finally approaching, and that means rolled-down windows and dropped convertible tops. If you’re in the market for a convertible, there are plenty of sporty new options to pick from, and there are even some options that are comfortable enough and practical enough to pick as your daily driver. If you’re looking for a top-rated convertible to take out on a test drive this weekend, these are some of the top-rated affordable options from Edmunds.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is one of the most affordable new sports cars on the market, and it even comes as a convertible. Both the soft top and hardtop convertibles make this car just a tad more desirable, and while it doesn’t boast an impressive amount of horsepower, maxing out at around 181 hp, it offers agile handling and cornering unlike bigger, more powerful sports cars.

You can get the 2020 model for a very reasonable starting price of around $27,940. Of course, there are several variations and trim levels available, but more importantly to some sports car enthusiasts, it also comes with the option for a manual transmission.

The rear end of a mazda mx5 miata in a mazda showroom
Mazda MX-5 | Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg, Getty Images

Ford Mustang convertible

The Ford Mustang is a tried and true American favorite, and as a convertible, it’s just a little bit more fun. It hits the spot at #3 on the Edmund’s list for convertibles with an overall score of 7.3 out of a potential 10. The convertible option is available on three variations of the popular muscle car.

The EcoBoost Mustang comes as a convertible with a starting price of $38,745. If you want something with a bit more performance than practicality, you can opt for the GT Premium for $55,360, and, of course, if you want something slightly in between, you can go for the middle of the road EcoBoost Premium option, which will cost around $44,065.

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MINI Convertible

You may be surprised to see a MINI make this list — really, these small and quirky cars seem to be easily forgotten even when they shouldn’t be. While they seem underrated, the MINI Convertible offers comfort, space, and a surprisingly nimble driving experience.

The basic Cooper convertible starts at a relatively modest price of $34,100, or you can opt for the sportier Cooper S for $39,300. While many people wouldn’t necessarily consider the MINI a sports car, drivers could argue otherwise. The compact space makes it perfect for big city driving and navigating through traffic, but it is still spacious and comfortable enough to daily drive.

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If none of these options fit your fancy, there are still several other highly rated convertibles that made the list, though they vary in price. This more basic list covers the more basic options for convertibles, but there are several more lists that go into luxury convertible options in a much higher price range.