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New vehicles are expensive, but you can find great buys for $5,000 or less when choosing a used car. In fact, Edmunds, Forbes, and MotorBiscuit agree that a used 2008 Acura TSX is a great buy among luxury cars. So why did Edmunds feel the need to use a cringe-worthy Sex and the City reference in its glowing 2008 Acura TSX review?

Automotive publications agree on the 2008 Acura TSX’s performance

The Acura TSX debuted for the 2003 model year, but critics agree the 2008 model remains a top choice among used cars. However, Edmunds, a reputable source for auto reviews, offers some odd metaphors in its 2008 TSX review.

“To put it in Sex and the City terms, the 2008 Acura TSX may look more like the classy, refined Charlotte, but it can behave more like saucy Samantha — an always-willing partner on twisty, backcountry roads,” Edmunds quips. “The TSX’s fully loaded features list and smart electronics would even appeal to the rational, all-business Miranda. It has nothing to do with Carrie, though. She’s just nuts.”

Cringe-worthy remarks aside, you might find the 2008 TSX’s backseat a bit small and its gas mileage less than superb at 23 mpg. But more exists to a terrific buy than rear legroom and fuel economy.

As Edmunds pointed out in a slightly crass manner, this energetic sedan produces more than adequate power with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine producing 205 hp. The TSX also luxuriates the driver and passengers in leather seats and comes with Bluetooth, so you can still enjoy your favorite music by linking to your smartphone.

Other aspects of this vehicle recommend it as your next used car purchase. For instance, the TSX handles well, even through curves, and can manage variable road conditions. Plus, you can find a used 2008 model with an automatic or manual transmission.

The 2008 Acura TSX remains reliable when maintained


This Used Acura Is a Fun Daily Driver for $5,000

Although maintenance of a car of this age can become expensive, the 2008 Acura TSX remains reliable when properly maintained. Luckily, owners who have traded in or sold these models typically kept them clean and well-maintained. This makes it easy to find a good model to purchase.

But despite its reliability, the challenge is locating a low-mileage 2008 model, Forbes reports. In 2008, 23 mpg was fuel-efficient, and many owners used the TSX for daily commutes.

Though you won’t find many, if any, under 100,000 miles, even those with higher odometer readings typically do well on the road still. Many of these available used models were leased vehicles, so the original owner drove them only for two years before trading them in for their next lease.

Luxurious touches, too

Besides boasting leather upholstery, every 2008 Acura TSX also comes with heated front seats, a four-way power front passenger seat, a memory-enhanced eight-way power driver’s seat, dual-zone automatic climate control, and a sunroof.

Sure, in 2008, vehicles had no Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Still, the TSX’s entertainment system’s Bluetooth connectivity, satellite radio, six-CD, in-dash changer, and auxiliary input jack provide plenty of ways to enjoy your favorite music. Of course, mp3s and favorite podcasts will still be available.

Other standard equipment includes 17-inch wheels that complement this luxury sport sedan. Though the vehicle doesn’t have modern safety features like lane assistants, you will get xenon headlamps and foglights regardless of the trim level. On some trim levels, you might find a few Acura TSX models with a touchscreen navigation system. When driving the TSX, you can use voice commands with this navigation system to control the climate system and audio. It also offers Zagat restaurant ratings connected to its mapping system.

Overall, the 2008 Acura TSX offers plenty for less than $5,000. In fact, you can’t go wrong with a TSX from 2004 to 2008, Forbes points out. As a daily commuter, this sporty ride provides all you need to get to and from work in style.