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The color of a car is something you should consider during the car buying process. Some car colors are easier to take care of than others, and it can help with your resale value, too. Buyers often look at the appearance of a vehicle when making a purchase, according to KBB. With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at the easiest car colors to maintain, and wether it’ll help you out when the time comes to sell.

White cars help hide swirl marks

A white Toyota 4Runner on display at an auto show
A white Toyota 4Runner | Scott Olson via Getty Images

White is a classic choice. There’s a reason that every fifth car, truck, and SUV you see on the road is a white one. This color’s popularity is exactly why it’s so great. It is the safe choice, after all. Happily, manufacturers put some effort into making their white paint stand out. Cadillac is a notable mention in this regard. The brand’s Crystal White has a fantastic shine. However, the color is somewhat of a mixed bag when it comes to maintenance.

If you’ve ever owned a pair of white shoes you’ll know exactly what I’m on about. White paint looks great when it’s clean, but it will show dirt quickly. Thankfully, it’ll hide streak marks and minor imperfections well. However, it’s best to avoid the automatic car wash and keep your paint in good nick. Happily, the next candidate hides paint imperfections and dirt better.

Gray cars and SUVs hide dust well

A grey Honda Civic can be one of the easiest car colors to maintain
A gray Honda Civic | Patrick Fallon via Getty Images

Gray is another color you’ll see out and about frequently. Like white, it is one of the easier car colors to maintain. It’s arguably even more popular than white. Once again, you can count them on the highway and see for yourself. Additionally, there’s a little more variation in shades of white, which can help in resale appeal. Volkswagen’s United Grey Metallic and Carbon Black come to mind.

As for maintaining the paint itself, it depends more on the shade of gray than anything. Lighter shades will hide dust and road debris a little less than darker shades but will hide paint imperfections better. Conversely, darker shades of gray (especially ones about 50 shades or so darker) will hide dirt and grime better, but light scratches are far more visible. Our last candidate is somewhat of a hybrid as far as popularity and maintenance goes, and a strong choice.

Silver is one of the easiest car colors to maintain

A silver Audi R8 sports car at an auto show in Los Angeles
A silver Audi R8 | David McNew via Getty Images

Silver offers arguably the best of both worlds here. There can be a great variation in shades of paint, helping with appeal. It’s also just dark enough to hide dust and pollen, and light enough to hide small imperfections. Bearing that in mind, any of these colors are great candidates, though there are some edge case scenarios where more unique colors shine, as the article below points out. This said, silver paint is arguably the easiest car color to maintain, and its mass appeal will help your resale value.


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