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EarthCruiser is one of the premier overlanding truck builders in the game. The commitment to the customers and the industry shines through the work EC does. The new EarthCruiser Adventure program is a strong example of this commitment. If you have an EarthCruiser rig and want to become more confident in your ability to get farther and deeper down the wild track, then this is for you. 

EarthCruiser Adventure action shot of a rig plowing through the sand
EarthCruiser Adventure | EarthCruiser

What is the EarthCruiser Adventure program? 

This new initiative is meant to push EarthCrusier owners to learn more about their rigs and their capabilities so that owners feel more confident to plan and pilot their own adventures. 

While EarthCrusier is all about building rugged machines for rugged travel, they are also interested in providing a luxurious experience. The EarthCrusier ethos is having dirty fingernails while enjoying caviar

In its own words: “We foster an immersive environment by spending our evenings in remote campgrounds, dispersed camps, and rural villages  – though, of course, we like to indulge in life’s little luxuries too.” 

EC Tour Leaders lead these bespoke adventures. The activities, routes, and rest stops are all dictated by the specific skills and taste that customers either currently possess or ones they would like to learn. According to EC, “the goal of every trip is for our owners to gain further confidence in their vehicles and themselves.”

Where will these trips happen? 

EC recently completely a trial journey through Death Valley. In an interview with EC, we got a better idea of what’s to come from this exciting program. 

One of the major takeaways from the trial journey was “the value of providing hands-on learning. By providing guidance and coaching in real-life situations, we can not only build our customer’s skills but provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”  

The upcoming trip schedule includes trips as local as an Oregon backcountry trip, and they get as exotic as trips across southern Africa. 

Ellen Wayte, an EarthCruiser Sales and Marketing professional, says, “It is our intention that these trips serve as a catalyst for EarthCruiser owners to plan more expeditions on their own. We hope that by going on our Adventures, they connect with other EC owners who can be future travel partners.” 

Wayte continues, “We intend for these trips to build our owner’s skills and confidence in driving and recovery, navigation, communication, planning, and logistics, in the hopes that our owners will take away these skills and apply them to further endeavors. If a participant ended an Adventure with us and told me the journey they had just completed planted the seed of a future expedition, I would consider it the greatest success I could hope for.”

Can anyone sign up for the EarthCruiser Adventures? 

For now, Wayte mentions that these trips are only for EC owners to better help them understand the product and grow their confidence. However, she punctuated this by saying, “That said, opening them up to the public is a possibility in the future, though we currently don’t have a timeframe for doing so.” 


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