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When your inspiration is the legendary Audi Sport Quattro S1 you can’t go wrong. Well, actually, you could potentially go off the rails, so maybe that is not accurate. Let’s just say that what you see here is inspired by the Audi Sport Quattro, and we like how the designers interpreted it.

The E-Legend EL1 is a modern interpretation of a classic Audi

E-Legend EL1 Audi Sport Quattro-like sedan
E-Legend EL1 Audi Sport Quattro-like sedan | E-Legend

This is the E-Legend EL1 and it is an all-electric four-seat, two-door sedan. Power comes from three electric motors for a combined 804 hp. These motors are fed by a 90 kWh battery pack using similar components to the Porsche Taycan. So imagine close to the same performance figures as the Taycan and you’re in the ballpark with the EL1. 

From zero to 62 mph is estimated to take 2.8 seconds. Hitting 124 mph can be achieved in less than 10 seconds. Besides those specs, it will have a range of 250 miles and torque vectoring for added assistance in the turns. 

Most of the speculation is coming from Germany’s Auto Motor Und Sport. It suggests that the EL1’s battery modules come from the Taycan. Part of the system in this application uses a technologically advanced liquid cooling system. 

The EL1 takes the best of how a Sport Quattro looks and improves it

E-Legend EL1 Audi Sport Quattro-like sedan rear view
E-Legend EL1 Audi Sport Quattro-like sedan | E-Legend

If that gets your blood flowing then go out and buy a Taycan. Obviously, the appeal of the EL1 is how it looks. Especially, if you are a fan of the era when you might see one in a rally or race, you should like this modern interpretation. It isn’t trying to be a McLaren or even a Taycan. Instead, it is a slick cross between a coupe and sedan.

The power dome hood gives the impression of a huge cubic-inch engine beneath. The bulging fenders and prominent wheel openings give the EL1 a squat, glued-to-the-pavement stance. Pushing the wheels as far out as possible adds points. While the original can look a bit truncated from our 2021 perspective, the EL1 stretches it out for better proportions.

The top and C-pillar keep the sharp, straight look of the Quattro, but positioned slightly aft like the original makes it unique. The black surround of the grille emphasizes the mass of the front end. It almost gives the impression the whole front end is going to swallow up whatever gets in its way. In the back, the LED light surround and spoiler complete the package nicely. 

With a price of $1.2 million it becomes less attractive

E-Legend EL1 Audi Sport Quattro-like sedan interior
E-Legend EL1 Audi Sport Quattro-like sedan | E-Legend

The downside, if there is one, comes with the price. While a Taycan can be purchased for just under $100,000, the EL1 unfortunately, will take a bit more. Actually, it will take a lot more. Estimates put the price at a hair under $1.2 million. That’s over twice what an original Audi Sport Quattro S1 costs today. If you can find one. 

The company plans on building only 30, which makes it not only highly expensive but unique as well. That combo should keep them off of the highways and byways as no one with that much wrapped into his or her car would dare drive it much. So it would seem that the end result will be a lot of EL1 door stops or museum pieces, which is a real shame.


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