Dyson’s Electric SUV Revealed Even Though It Was Canceled

The Dyson electric car made its debut this week. But, before anybody gets excited, it is also important to note that the car has already been canceled. That is right. The debut was for a vehicle that will not become available, or even built. So, what is there to know about this mysterious electric car? And, why debut it now?

Sir James Dyson standing beside his electric SUV | Dyson
Sir James Dyson standing beside his electric SUV | Dyson

Who is Dyson

The Dyson electric car was a program put together by James Dyson. Yes, the father of the Dyson bagless vacuum cleaners. Also known as Sir James Dyson.  

According to our friends at Road Show, Dyson had 500 of his company’s engineers work on the program for the development of the electric vehicle. He also spent $600 million toward its development, which involved designing everything from the ground up, having no parts sharing. 

The unnamed Dyson electric SUV in black | Dyson
The Unnamed Electric SUV in Black | Dyson

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What electric car was Dyson working on

Until this week, Dyson’s electric vehicle had not even been seen. Now, however, the vehicle has been revealed, and a few details have become available. It was planned to be a three-row electric SUV that would carry seven passengers. It had all controls on the steering wheel and displayed on the heads-up-display system. The electric vehicle would have had around 530 horsepower and a range near 600 miles.

Also, The engineers working on the program created the electric vehicle on a platform that was meant to be flexible enough to have other vehicles eventually ride upon. So, the intent was to have this model to be the first, with other models eventually being built upon the platform base. 

Dyson Electric SUV in the Workshop | Dyson
The Electric SUV in the Workshop | Dyson

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When and Where

Dyson’s electric vehicle was intended to have production started in 2021. At one point, there was even a manufacturing plant under construction for the SUV in Singapore. But, in October 2019, Sir Dyson sent an email to those working on the project telling them that the plans for the car and its production were being abandoned. 

It turns out that making a car is expensive. The estimations to break even were that Dyson’s electric model was going to have to be priced around $150,000. It was too much. So, Dyson attempted to sell the program. After shopping around for a buyer, however, no suitors were interested. Shutting the program became the only option.

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Why reveal the electric car now 

So, why have a reveal now of an electric vehicle that was canceled in October? According to a company spokesperson, 

“We felt it was right to show all the amazing work that the team had done,” they said. “It was obviously quite the undertaking, and the team still feels extremely proud of what they accomplished.”

It is an immense undertaking to create an electric vehicle. Experienced or not, engineers will spend many late hours making sure that everything works with this new automotive battery technology and that it is safe for consumers. Dyson made an attempt and fell short. But, recognizing the people that supported him in his endeavor to create this new electric vehicle is a classy move. Even though the project was canceled, for Dyson to show so much respect to his employees will no doubt win him loyalty.