Here’s Why Dwayne Johnson Gave Veteran His Personal Truck Instead of a Porsche

As if we didn’t already know how great Dwayne Johnson is, he just proved it once again by doing something amazing. “The Rock” just totally shocked one of his fans, a veteran, by giving him a Ford F-150 Raptor truck. And not just any car, either, but his own personal pickup truck. Originally, Johnson was going to give away a Porsche Taycan, but instead, he ended up giving away his customized F-150 Raptor. So what gives? Why did the Rock give away his own truck instead of a Porsche?

Dwayne Johnson getting out of his Ford F-150. Johnson gave his truck to a veteran at a movie premiere.
Dwayne Johnson and Ford F-150 | Dwayne Johnson Instagram

Dwayne Johnson wanted to give Rodriguez a Porsche, but Porsche said no

Dwayne Johnson gave his fan and veteran, Oscar Rodriguez, his own personal custom Ford F-150 Raptor. He gave the extremely generous gift at a screening of his movie, Red Notice. Johnson was going to give Rodriguez the Porsche Taycan that he drives in Red Notice. “My original idea was to give away the Porsche Taycan, that I drive in the movie, Red Notice. So we reached out to Porsche, but they said no. But I still said, yes. I’ll do one better. I’ll give away my personal custom truck as the gift. My baby. I gathered as much information as I could about everyone in the audience and ultimately, Oscar’s story moved me.”

Rodriguez was shocked by Johnson’s gift. When he read the note that Rodriguez had left on the driver’s seat of his Ford F-150, he collapsed in disbelief. Then he got up and hugged Johnson, tears in his eyes.

It turns out Johnson can’t even fit in the Porsche

While it definitely would have been cool for Rodriguez to receive the Red Notice Porsche Taycan, the F-150 is definitely a better gift. Not only is it Johnson’s personal truck, which he has posted about on social media for a while (and which Rodriguez was aware of), but it turns out that Johnson couldn’t even fit in the Porsche Taycan during the filming for Red Notice.

At 6’5″, Johnson is a tall man. His shoulders are also very broad; too so for the Porsche Taycan. While filming a chase scene in the new Netflix movie, Johnson tried to get into the driver’s seat – only he couldn’t get in. According to Auto Blog, the director had to rethink the entire scene and find a unique way to get the shot that they needed, instead.

Dwayne Johnson gave away his truck at his movie premiere

Johnson told the screening audience that he had a special surprise for one of them, and called Rodriguez up to the stage. Johnson chose Rodriguez out of everyone at the screening because of the kind of person that Rodriguez is; kind and giving.

“There’s a dude here, I read his story and I was really impressed by his story. I want to highlight him,” said Johnson at the screening. Then he listed all of the things that Rodriguez does for his community, including taking care of his 75-year old mother, supporting victims of domestic violence, and being a leader in his church as well as a personal trainer, according to HypeBeast.


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What kind of pickup truck did Dwayne Johnson give to his fan?

Johnson gave Rodriguez his own personal, custom Ford F-150 Raptor. The Ford F-150 Raptor has a 3.5-liter V6 engine matched to a 10-speed automatic transmission. It’s clearly been lifted, but what else has been done is unknown.

His personal Ford F-150 wasn’t the only thing that Johnson gave away that day. He made sure that the movie screening was something that no one in the audience would forget. Johnson gave away concessions including tequila, energy drinks, and ice cream. He wrote in his Instagram post, “Free everything and a great time at the movies!”

Johnson finished his Instagram post with, “Oscar said it right, just before he drove away ~ it’s just love. That’s all it is, brother. Just love. Go enjoy your new truck dude and Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!” There’s no doubt that Rodriguez will enjoy his truck for a long time.