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A-List movie star Dwayne Johnson is a big guy. When he wrestled as “The Rock,” the WWE billed him as 6’2″ and 260 pounds. You might think Johnson drives a Ford truck because fitting into a sports car would be difficult. But, filming Netflix’s Red Notice, Johnson hilariously found even the Porsche Taycan sedan too tight a fit.

Netflix’s action-packed ‘Red Notice’ 

This is Dwayne Johnson, star of Red Notice, in which he drove a Porsche Taycan | | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Netflix
Dwayne Johnson at the Red Notice premiere | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Netflix

The star-studded Netflix film Red Notice is a globe-trotting, treasure-hunting heist movie. Dwayne Johnson plays FBI Special Agent John Hartley. The movie opens with him chasing rival criminals played by Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot.

The action-packed film features planes, boats, and a fight aboard a helicopter. In addition, Red Notice has multiple car chases. In one scene, Johnson leaps behind the wheel of a white Porsche Taycan. Then he drifts across cobblestone streets, chasing the bad guys.

The new film features a Porsche Taycan chase scene

This is the Porsche Taycan, like Dwayne Johnson drives in Red Notice. | Porsche
The Porsche Taycan is a sports sedan | Porsche

The Taycan is Porsche’s first series production electric car. It is a four-door sports sedan. The Taycan comes in both rear-motor RWD and dual-motor AWD layouts. Porsche took advantage of the skateboard chassis to develop a body reminiscent of the classic 911. The result was one of the year’s most beautiful sedans.

The automaker revealed the final version at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. In 2020 alone, Porsche sold 20,000 Taycans. Shockingly, the Porsche Taycan outsold the 911.

The 2020 Taycan has a 114.2-inch wheelbase with an overall length of 195.4 inches and an overall height of 54.2 inches. Base Taycans come with four seats. An optional third rear seat is a bit tight for an adult to fit in. Unlike the 911, the Taycan is not a 2+2 sports car but a practical sports sedan. Perhaps this is why Red Notice director Rawson Marshall Thurber assumed Dwayne Johnson would fit in the EV.

No one checked whether Dwayne Johnson could fit in the car

Thurber and Johnson began shooting Red Notice on January 3rd, 2020. Johnson recalls that buying and shipping the Taycon to the Atlanta studio required months of prep and a lot of money. 

Finally, it was time to film the Porsche scenes. Johnson getting out of the car was the first shot on the schedule. Rawson said, “Hey D, let’s get you in the Porsche, and I’ll line up the shot.” Johnson replied, “Let’s do it.” 

Rawson sat on the ground in front of the car to choose a camera angle. Meanwhile, Johnson tried to get into the Porsche. Instead, Johnson got stuck, recalling it was “because his back is a bit too wide.”

At first, Rawson laughed at the sight of Johnson trapped by the door of the sports sedan. He must have assumed the actor would find a way to slide inside eventually. But as Johnson says, he continued to “shimmy” to no avail and just looked like a “brown marshmallow getting shoved into a coin slot.”

When Rawson realized Johnson was not joking, he said, “Wait can you fit?… Oh my God.”

The director must have been terrified he would have to find another car, perhaps even re-film part of the movie. Still, the director, actor, and crew all had a hearty laugh at the absurd situation. Then, according to Johnson, they found a workaround. 

The Taycan probably won’t be joining Dwayne Johnson’s impressive car collection, unless Porsche brings the removable “Targa” top back.


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