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The Ford Bronco is the little SUV that shocked the world in 2021. The Bronco is back and better than ever after a long hiatus. The Blue Oval struggled to meet the demand for the highly-anticipated compact SUV model. Owning a Ford Bronco is a dream come true to some, but is that how most Bronco drivers feel? Do Ford Bronco owners regret their purchase after six months of ownership?

The Ford Bronco’s resurrection has been a long time coming

A blue Ford Bronco compact SUV is on display.
A blue Ford Bronco is on display | Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images

The Ford Bronco was easily one of the most desirable SUV models of 2021. After being discontinued in 1996, the Blue Oval focused on larger SUV models. The Bronco experienced dwindling sales in its final production years in the late 90’s. It has risen from the grave over two decades later to claim the hearts of a new generation.

The Ford Bronco is nothing short of a dream come true on paper. It’s important to remember that as epic as Ford’s tiny SUV model is, every vehicle has its flaws. Ford may have revived the nameplate at the perfect time for off-road fans, but the Bronco is far from the best all-around compact SUV model.

The Bronco may be long-awaited, but that doesn’t save it from struggling with issues like any other vehicle. Here are a few of the issues consumers have had with the Bronco thus far.

Most prevalent Ford Bronco issues

One of the most prevalent Ford Bronco issues is a delay of the small SUV’s removable hardtops due to cosmetic damage. Some consumers received hardtops with visible cosmetic damage. Bronco owners have complained about excessive wind noise in the cabin. Ford doesn’t do a great job at making the Bronco’s engine bay attractive with all of its vacuum lines and wiring.

According to CarComplaints, the 2021 Ford Bronco only has two complaints registered. Overall the Bronco is a great compact SUV model. It isn’t perfect, but it’s tough to beat off-road. The Blue Oval’s compact SUV is a Jeep Wrangler rival because of its amazing off-roading prowess.

Should you buy a Ford Bronco?

A blue 2022 Ford Bronco compact SUV shot from the front 3/4 at Colorado's Red Rocks.
Our fully loaded Ford Bronco test car was dumb, fun, and worth the money | Chase Bierenkoven, MotorBiscuit

The 2021 Ford Bronco is one of the hardest small SUVs to buy at the moment. Bronco demand has created an insane resale market where resellers are listing the compact SUVs for double their MSRP. What’s even more disturbing is that some drivers are paying these crazy resale prices.

The Bronco is an amazing off-road SUV. If you do get the opportunity to purchase one and receive it anytime soon, consider yourself among the lucky few.


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