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Around 11:30 PM a few days ago, a car was pulled over in Springfield, Colorado. When the officer walked up to the window, they were shocked to find a dog in the driver’s seat and a man attempting to get into the passenger seat. Upon further inspection, the police realized the dog wasn’t the one driving at all. The silly dog was trying to cover for his owner, who police noticed was visibly drunk

The owner tried to pin DUI on his dog

This really brings a whole new meaning to the term “road dog.” Clearly, the dog wasn’t driving the car in any capacity. The driver was attempting to switch seats with his furry pal (we can only imagine he could be heard saying, “Come on, man. Be cool.”) while trying to get situated. 

According to CasScoops, the police pulled the two over for doing 52 mph in a 30 mph zone. When they walked up, hilarity ensued. 

“The driver attempted to switch places with his dog, who was in the passenger seat, as the SPD officer approached and watched the entire process,” the SPD said. “The male party then exited the passenger side of the vehicle and claimed he was not driving.” 

For whatever reason, the police questioned the man’s sobriety. When the officers asked him how much he had to drink, the suspect ran off, leaving Rover stuck holding the bone. The suspect didn’t make it far. You could say he was heeled. (I’m sorry about that. It won’t happen again.) 

Is it illegal to let your dog drive?

I mean, it’s probably illegal to let your dog attempt to drive, but thankfully we don’t really need to answer that question here. Needless to say, the man’s ploy to let his dog take the wrap for his alleged drunk driving didn’t work. When the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department showed up, they were so concerned by the foolishness of the plan they had him checked out medically before taking any further action. 

Thanks to the man’s wacky ploy, he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, driving while ability impaired, driving under suspension, speeding 20-24 over, and resisting arrest. Making matters worse for the not-so-down-to-ride road dog, he also had multiple warrants in Pueblo, CO, where he was en route to when he was stopped. 

Yeah, yeah, but what happened to the dog?

Dog Driving a car in an old photograph
Dog driver | Fox Photos/Getty Images

The dog was turned over to someone who knew the driver. Thankfully, the dog was let off with a warning, and no charges were brought against him.