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Wait, passing on the Infiniti QX50 could be a massive mistake! This luxury compact SUV is flying under the radar when it has outstanding qualities that should put it front and center. See what makes driving the 2023 Infiniti QX50 surprisingly good. 

Is the 2023 Infiniti QX50 a luxury SUV? 

2023 Infiniti QX50 luxury SUV
2023 Infiniti QX50 | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

Yes, the 2023 Infiniti QX50 is a luxurious compact SUV with athletic handling and premium comfort. This tiny SUV has a few quirks, like a clumsy transmission and aging software, but it makes up for the difference with incredible benefits. 

The QX50 could be the most surprising SUV we’ve driven this year regarding value, comfort, and engagement. With a few updates, the QX50 could become the segment’s leader against rivals like the Hyundai Genesis GV70 and Acura RDX. 

1. The Infiniti QX50 is comfortable 

The 2023 Infiniti QX50 may look smaller than it actually is. It has a tall roof line and plenty of room for drivers and passengers. The weather bucket seats in the front are massive, supportive, and inviting for hours of comfort. 

Both the driver’s seat and front passenger’s seat have plenty of available adjustment controls for the perfect driving position. The thick side bolstering also holds you in place around sharp curves. 

The back seat is well-padded and comfortable too. Two adults can fit in the back comfortably with enough space to stretch out. However, the middle seat is pretty narrow. This SUV works best with up to four adults. 

Also, the QX50 has an incredibly smooth ride over the pavement. You can sense the tire grip for confidence and stability, and impacts are quickly dampened. There’s almost no body roll around curves wind noise is kept at bay. 

You can hear the engine roar occasionally, but it’s not disruptive or annoying. It’s also easily covered by the premium audio system. 

2. The 2023 QX50 interior is upscale 

The 2023 Infiniti QX50 is the first vehicle to have an impressive interior with red leather upholstery. Other options like the Genesis GV70 and Toyota Tundra have too much red, and it’s a little overwhelming. 

But the upholstery in the QX50 is perfectly paired with shades of black with white accent stitching. The textured pieces and chrome accents create a premium feel with an elegant execution. 

We can’t get over the massive panoramic sunroof! It’s the largest one we’ve ever experienced. It has a nice tint to it to black brighter sun rays while allowing natural light to filter in. 

The layout is convenient, with everything placed within reach. But the dual screens look dated, and there’s even a CD player! Some people may want more physical controls. For example, the only way to turn off the heated steering wheel involves clicking through menus. 

Also, there is a rotary dial that controls the infotainment system if you don’t want to use the touchscreen. The tech is a little overwhelming, but it works pretty quickly. 

There are modern features like a wireless charging pad, custom ambient lightning, and wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. 

3. The QX50 has tons of space 

2023 Infinti QX50 cargo space
2023 Infiniti QX50 cargo space | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

Don’t judge the 2023 Infiniti QX50 by its cover. It’s surprisingly spacious for a compact SUV. Our only complaint is the lack of cup holders. But the glove box, door sides, and center console are generous. Plus, there’s an in-floor trunk built into the rear cargo area. 

The 2023 QX50 provides 31.4 cubic feet of cargo space in the rear with up to 65.1 cubes total! That’s more space than the Acura RDX has to offer. Levers in the rear fold the seats flat to create a flat load floor. 

The rear hatch opens wide with a low liftover height to make loading heavier/bulky items easier. Also, the doors open wide with plenty of access. Installing child seats should be simple. 

We’re still learning about the Infiniti QX50, and it’s not perfect. But so far, it stands out with tons of comfort, space, and luxurious amenities.