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Once you spend time with the Hyundai Palisade, it’s easy to see why critics rank it all the way at the top with the Kia Telluride. While the 2023 Hyundai Palisade does have a few quirks and drawbacks to consider, it’s worth seeing what all the fuss is about! Only two things stand out with the potential for improvement.

What could the 2023 Hyundai Palisade do better?

2023 Hyundai Palisade review
2023 Hyundai Palisade | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

The first potential shortfall for the 2023 Hyundai Palisade involves cargo space at full capacity. If you have seven to eight passengers, then the third row eats into your storage space. Good thing the Palsiade has roof rails for extra cargo!

You can access 18.0 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third-row seats. That’s enough space for groceries, but you’ll have to stack your luggage. At least if only one passenger is in the back, you can fold the other seats down to create more room.

With the third row folded flat, you get up to 45.8 cubic feet to work with. That creates a massive cargo hold. Plus, there is a cubby built into the floor that’s perfect for storing tools or smaller items.

With all the seats flat, the Paslaide provides 86.4 cubic feet of cargo space! It’s massive, and the seats provide a flat loading floor. The power-folding seats are a convenient perk, and the rear hatch opens wide with a low liftover height.

However, if you’ll be traveling with passengers in each row regularly, then you might want something with more space in the rear cargo hold.

The 2023 Palisade only has one engine option

We like the 2023 Hyundai Palisade’s standard 3.8-liter V6 engine with 291 hp and 261 lb-ft of torque. It helps the Palisade accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 7.6 seconds and increases the towing capacity to 5,000 lbs.

But it’s the only option available! Something with less power could create more affordable trim levels. Plus, what is the Palisade doing for those who want to go green? It gets an EPA-estimated 19 mpg in the city and up to 27 mpg on the highway.

Three-row rivals like the Ford Explorer Hybrid, Kia Sorento Hybrid, and Mazda CX-50 have hybrid options. Plus, Hyundai makes our favorite electric vehicle, the Hyundai Ioniq 5, so a more fuel-efficient powertrain option seems possible.

Reportedly, the Hyundai Ioniq 7 will be the larger electric vehicle that’s available in the segment. But those who aren’t ready to switch to electric may be more comfortable with a hybrid.

Is the 2023 Palisade good for families?

2023 Hyundai Palisade cargo space
2023 Hyundai Palisade cargo space | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

Yes, despite lacking a little cargo room and only having one engine option, the 2023 Hyundai Palisade is a great option to consider. It’s a comfortable, sporty, and convenient three-row SUV that prioritizes passenger space.

Even sorter adults can relax in the third row for short periods of time. The first and second rows have tons of space for adults to enjoy.

There’s tons of neat tech, such as a quiet mode to limit the speakers to a volume of 25 in the front and an intercom system to talk to passengers in the back. If you have new teen drivers, the Pasliade can automatically park and reverse for them.

Plus, the high-quality interior and smooth ride provide hours of comfort. There is a bit of wind noise at higher speeds, but it’s easy to tune out. Also, there’s almost no body roll around curves, which could limit car sickness.

If the Palisade had a little more space behind the third row and a greener engine option, then it might be able to take the Kia Telluride down.