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Are you planning to take a fun and spirited drive on your local canyon roads? If so, it’s important to stay safe when you plan to drive your car faster than normal. And while we don’t condone hitting triple-digit speeds, we do want you to be as safe as possible. Here are four important tips to take into consideration.

1. Check your car’s tire pressures and overall condition

A valve stem and tire pressure gauge
A tire pressure gauge at the valve stem of a car tire | Ben Hasty via Getty Images

If you plan to drive fast in your car, it’s important to check its tire pressures and overall condition. No, you don’t have to change all the fluids and brake pads to go for a short drive, but you should check to ensure it’s in good working order.

That means inspecting the car’s vital components like the engine, brakes, and fluids to ensure the car accelerates and stops safely. Also, did we mention checking the tire pressures? Ensure that they are pumped up to the correct psi, which can be found in the owner’s manual.

2. Make sure to check your corner entry speed

It’s easy to go fast on straight roads – just put the pedal to the floorboard and hold the steering wheel straight. However, it’s harder to carry speed through a corner and control the car in a safe manner so that you don’t end up in a ditch. To prevent this, look ahead to the end of the corner as you enter it so that your hands automatically steer through it. It’s also a good idea to slow down for the turn and maintain constant throttle through it.

3. Having the right mindset can keep you safe

A gray 2024 Porsche 718 Spyder RS driving in the desert
2024 Porsche 718 Spyder RS | Porsche

Are you setting out for a drive to prove that you’re faster than anyone on the road? If so, that egotistical self-talk can get you into trouble. Instead, ensure that you have the right mindset before setting off on a fun drive. Make sure that you’re driving your car at a higher limit to experience more joy from it, as opposed to pretending you’re Vin Diesel and are out to win a race. With the right mindset, you’ll have a safer attitude when setting out for a spirited driving session.

4. The corner exit speed is important too

A used 2013 model year Nissan Maxima corners on back roads.
2013 Nissan Maxima | Nissan

The entry speed into any corner is important, but exiting the corner safely is important too. Remember to control the throttle through the corner, and then you can hammer it coming out of it when the steering wheel is straight. Don’t apply too much gas during the corner, as it could cause the car to lose traction.

Remember to drive safely

If you plan to go out for a spirited drive in the canyons, these four tips can keep you safe and ensure that you have a fun time. However, remember to drive safely and obey the speed laws in your local area.

Note: We don’t condone reckless driving, racing, or speeding. If you want to do that, we recommend going to your local race track.