What Is it Like to Drive a 2021 Lexus GX 460 Every Day?

The 2021 Lexus GX 460 is an interesting hodgepodge of an SUV. On one hand, it’s a Lexus, so it’s super smooth to drive and its interior materials and buttoned-down finish exude the type of opulence you would expect from the automaker.

On the other hand, it’s a rugged off-road machine capable of conquering mountains any other small hills you can drive it over. But what’s interesting is that despite the Lexus GX 460’s dual persona, it’s simple in its execution and is surprisingly easy to drive every day.

Driving the 2021 Lexus GX 460 is easier than it looks

From the outside, the Lexus GX 460 looks like a massive vehicle, and technically, it is. This luxury three-row SUV measures 192 inches long and 74 inches wide, which means that it’s big enough to barely fit into a one-car garage. So depending on your current parking situation at home, you might be parking this thing outside, should you happen to buy one. But once you sit inside of it and get out on the road, you’ll notice that it doesn’t feel as unwieldy as it looks.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, there’s a commanding view of the road ahead and it doesn’t matter how tall you are because the front power seats can be tuned in to almost anyone’s needs. Also, the large windows that surround you give you ample visibility as do the large side mirrors. And that glass is acoustic, too, which means that it’s great blocking the outside noise from coming in, even at highway speeds.

2021 Lexus GX 460 front shot
2021 Lexus GX 460 | Joe Santos

Otherwise, the GX 460’s steering is comfortable, yet responsive and its suspension feels pillow-soft when in “comfort” and it only gets a little stiffer when you flip the switch to “sport.” There are other switches on the center console for the Crawl Control and ride height, however, you probably won’t need to touch those on a daily basis.

2021 Lexus GX 460 interior | Joe Santos

Parking the Lexus GX 460

Although it’s easy to drive the Lexus GX 460, you might think that it’s harder to park it. But you would be wrong, especially if you happen to be driving the top-trim Limited version with the Off-Road package. That particular package includes the Multi-Terrain View monitor with the panoramic view, which allows you to see all four sides of the SUV in addition to underneath it where the wheels are.

This feature is meant for when you’re going off-road and you need to see the obstacles underneath and close to the SUV, but they work especially well for parallel parking and squeezing into tight spaces as well.

2021 Lexus GX 460 rear shot in a parking lot
2021 Lexus GX 460 rear | Joe Santos

The Lexus GX 460 gets terrible fuel economy

No one buys an SUV like the Lexus GX 460 and cares about fuel economy or at least they shouldn’t. Aside from its off-road prowess, the GX 460 is powered by a 4.6-liter V8 engine that pushes out 301 hp and is able to achieve up to an EPA-estimated 15 mpg in the city and 19 mpg on the highway. No, it’s not going to win any fuel efficiency challenges, especially considering I personally average 15 mpg during the week that I drove it.

2021 Lexus GX 460 wheel shot
2021 Lexus GX 460 wheel | Joe Santos

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Who is the Lexus GX 460 for?

At the end of the day, my main takeaway is that the Lexus GX 460 is for the affluent off-road enthusiast that needs to drive to work and take the kids to practice in relative comfort during the week but also likes to let their hair down and hit the trails on the weekend. And of course, if you’re the type of person that fits that description, then you could probably buy a Land Rover.

However, if sensibility, value, and reliability are top priorities on your list when it comes to a capable three-row luxury SUV, then the Lexus GX 460 is for you, dual personality and all.