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We are kicking off the weekend with another drag racing video featuring two opposite but nearly equal supercars. The last drag race we showed you featured a Bentley Pikes Peak race car against a Honda Civic Type R. This race isn’t quite as eccentric as that, but it does answer an interesting question. Can the quickest Lamborghini be a match for the Tesla Model S Plaid?

Here is what the competitors have to offer.

2021 Tesla Model S Plaid

A red Tesla Model S Plaid similar to the one featured in the drag race video in this article
Tesla Model S Plaid | Tesla Motors

What can we say about the Tesla Model S Plaid that hasn’t already been said? Elon Musk wanted to ensure that this variant of the Tesla Model S would be the talk of the internet when he approved its specs. We think it is safe to say that Musk accomplished that mission with flying colors.

There are countless drag race videos all over social media of the Tesla Model S Plaid absolutely destroying sports cars, supercars, and hypercars in straight-line races. Despite that, challengers still rise to try and take down the EV. The Telsa Model S Plaid has three motors with an equivalent of over 1000 horsepower and (in theory) a 0 to 60 mph time of under three seconds. With specs like that, we wonder why anyone would even bother.

The Model S Plaid even has a “drag race mode” specifically for quarter-mile matchups. Though, if someone feels sneaky, there are ways to beat the Model S Plaid in a drag race. Another way is to simply own a Rimac Nevera.

But who knows? Maybe a piston-powered Italian supercar can succeed where countless others have failed?

2020 Lamborghini Hurcan EVO

2021 Lamborghini Huracan EVO in orange
Lamborghini Huracan EVO | Automobili Lamborghini

When the Lamborghini Huracan took the place of the Gallardo, it instantly became the supercar of choice for celebrities and Instagram influencers. However, gearheads appreciated the Hurcan for being more refined than its predecessor. It looked good, was very fast, and wasn’t always trying to kill you the way older Lamborghinis did.

Over time Lamborghini created multiple variants of the Hurcan because, well, that’s just what Lamborghini does. To its credit, the automaker never ruined what enthusiasts found unique about the Huracan, its quick, powerful, and nimble nature.

The Lamborghini Huracan EVO is one of the quickest versions of the model and has actually beaten an Aventador SJ in a previous DragTimes video. With 650 horsepower on tap from its V10 engine, the Huracan doesn’t measure up to the Tesla Model S Plaid on paper, but specs aren’t everything. Maybe the Huracan can pull off a miracle drag race performance?

Drag Race: Lamborghini Huracan EVO vs. Tesla Model S Plaid

If we’re honest, the Lamborghini Huracan EVO is coming into this race as a major underdog. It seems crazy to say a 650 horsepower V10 Italian supercar is an “underdog,” but it’s true. We won’t spoil it, and if you want to be surprised, we suggest you start the video at the 2:51 mark, as the DragTimes host gives it away in the moments before that.

Make your predictions and enjoy the drag race above. In the meantime, we will continue searching for other streetcars that might have a shot against the Model S Plaid.


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