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Another day, another over-the-top drag race. We know that we have shown you some wild drag racing matchups recently. There was the 1,000 horsepower Porsche against the Ferrari F8, the vintage Chevy delivery van vs. the 718 Cayman, and the three-way muscle car battle.

Among all the drag racing videos we’ve shown you recently, today’s is different. This video possibly features the most horsepower between two cars than any previous drag racing story we’ve covered. The opponents are a Nissan GT-R and a Ford Mustang GT. It is safe to say that neither one of these cars are stock, and watching them run down the drag strip together is quite the sight.

“Dancing Dan” Rue’s 1,400 horsepower 2017 R35 Nissan GT-R

"Dancing Dan" Rue's 1,400 horsepower 2017 Nissan GT-R drag race car. The car is black with thick sidewall tires. There is a chrome graphic on the side of the car that reads "The SHOP Houston"
“Dancing Dan” Rue’s 2017 Nissan GT-R | Hoonigan YouTube channel

The Nissan GT-R is a JDM legend for a good reason. With roots going back to the 1970s. Over time the GT-R’s story grew, and it eventually became known as “Godzilla” because enthusiasts considered it a Japanese monster. Today, the R35 Nissan GT-R is the king of Japanese sports cars. Its twin-turbo AWD platform makes it a serious opponent in a drag race or any other racing type.

However, the particular GT-R seen in the video below has been set up specifically for drag racing. Owned by a comedian nicknamed “Dancing Dan” (you’ll see why when you watch), this Nissan GT-R has had nearly every part of it modified for optimal straight-line performance. As a result, his GT-R pumps out 1,400 hp. The power is sent to all four wheels, which are wrapped in meaty drag radial tires. Dan does note that his car still has the stock crank and the stock A/C installed.

Imagine being able to lay down single-digit quarter-mile times while still having the option to keep the cabin nice and cool between runs. Pretty nice setup if you ask us.

Nicky Bobby’s 1,370 horsepower 2000 Ford Mustang

Nicky Bobby's  2000 Ford Mustang drag race car. The body of the car is mostly metallic green but the front end is in an unpainted white primer color. The car has an odd stance in which the rear sits much lower than the front.
Nicky Bobby’s 2000 Ford Mustang | Hoonigan YouTube channel

Nicky Bobby is the co-owner of Mid-America Customs, and he loves to drag race. He brought his 2000 Ford Mustang dragster, which he built to run in less than ideal conditions. Keen observers may notice the unique stance of Nicky’s car, with the back sitting very low and the front end raised. Nicknamed the “Carolina squat,” this stance is popular with truck owners and started in the south before the trend spread nationwide. Nicky explains that his Mustang is set up this way because it helps him with traction when drag racing on uneven terrains like gravel or dirt.

Despite the Ford Mustang body on the outside, a Chevrolet LS V8 engine block sits under the hood with twin turbochargers, a Holley EFI system, modified cylinder heads, and air-shifted two-speed transmission. Inside the cabin is all business with just a racing seat, roll cage, and gauges displaying important information. Nicky claims that his Ford Mustang can lay down 1,370 horsepower to the rear wheels. Any doubters only need to see the parachute mounted at the car’s rear to know Nicky probably isn’t fibbing about the performance numbers.

Drag race: 1,400 horsepower Nissan GT-R vs. 1,370 horsepower Ford Mustang

Considering that both cars have similar horsepower, we have to look at other areas for the advantages and disadvantages between the competitors. According to the video, the Nissan GT-R is nearly 500 lbs heavier than the Ford Mustang. The Mustang also has just two forward gears. The weight advantage and the transmission should give the Mustang a hefty acceleration advantage. However, the GT-R has all-wheel drive whereas the Mustang is rear-wheel drive.

Even the Hoonigan crew admitted that it is a hard drag race to call. Trust us when we tell you that you really want to see for yourself how this race turns out.


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