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Popular YouTuber Doug DeMuro is no stranger to reviewing some truly ridiculous cars, trucks, and SUVs. From giant trucks, to supercars, to Kei vehicles, Doug is living the auto enthusiast’s dream. And for 2022, he has picked the worst car that he drove for the year. The award goes to something that most of us probably don’t want to see parked next to our vehicle. It is the Westward Go-4 Interceptor 2, more commonly known as a meter maid car. 

What are the meter maid cars called?

Chances are if you see a meter maid car, it is a Westward Go-4 Interceptor 2. It is a three-wheeled vehicle designed for navigating urban environments. Oftentimes, its job is writing up parking citations. 

The meter maid car is certainly not going to win any races. Despite that, Doug does point out that the Go-4 Interceptor 2 does share some characteristics with the McLaren F1. It is mid-engine and has a center driver seat, just like one of the most iconic supercars in the world. 

This small car is powered by a Hyundai engine, and there are a fair amount of Hyundai components spread throughout it. One of the more weird features is the fact that the gauge cluster goes up to 120 mph. With just three wheels and a four-cylinder engine, achieving such a speed is optimistic, to say the least. 

The Westward Go-4 Interceptor 2 is Doug DeMuro’s worst car of 2022

There’s no doubt that meter maid cars are built with a very specific purpose in mind. From a pen holder to unique windows for handing out tickets, this is not a vehicle that anyone would want to use as a daily driver. But, it is a unique piece of automotive history. 

A meter maid car patrols the streets, it is Doug DeMuro's worst car of 2022.
Meter maid car | Westward Industries

It is possible to purchase a decommissioned meter maid car, and the one that Doug DeMuro reviewed is privately owned. So, if you really want to own a quirky car, maybe the meter maid might be up your alley. 

How fast do meter maid cars go?

Meter maid cars come with a governor, and according to SFGATE, most top out at about 40 mph. So, if you want to go faster than that, you will need to remove the governor. Although, due to the poor handling of this vehicle and the fact that it is not as safe as your typical car, going over 40 mph is probably not a good idea. 

A group of Westward Go-4 Interceptor 2 meter maid cars is parked.
Westward Go-4 Interceptor 2 | Westward Industries

In general, you might not even want to get to the top speed of a meter maid car. Doug notes that there is actually a lateral thrust indicator that kicks on when you take a turn too fast. That feature is needed because the Westward Go-4 Interceptor 2 is not that hard of a vehicle to tip over. 

What is Doug DeMuro’s best SUV for 2022? 

Doug named the 2022 Rivian R1S as his best SUV of 2022. As an electric SUV, it’s pretty cool to see EVs becoming the top pick of the year for some folks. The R1S is legitimately capable and also practical. 

It actually received a “Doug Score” of 74/100, which makes its win a no-brainer.