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Recently, Doug DeMuro and Tyler Hoover of Hoovie’s Garage teamed up to list the cars, trucks, and SUVs that they wish they would have bought. And at the end of the video, a very rare Lamborghini truck made the list. The Lamborghini LM002 supertruck, which was offered from 1986 until 1993. And yes, you read that right: Lamborghini built a truck at one point in time.

What is the Lamborghini LM002?

The Lamborghini LM002 is essentially the brand’s take on a supertruck. It comes with a V12 engine, as a Lamborghini should. And it is actually pretty rugged, thanks to a 4×4 system and the fact that it was initially built to earn a United States defense contract. 

The Lamborghini LM002 is a rare supertruck that Doug Demuro wants.
Lamborghini LM002 | John Keeble via Getty Images

Now, if you’re wondering why Doug DeMuro has not gotten this truck yet, the answer is simple. Owning one is essentially impossible. Finding everything from tires to performing bodywork will take some great effort. Basically nobody makes parts or components for the Lamborghini LM002 in 2023. So it makes sense that Doug went with a Porsche Carrera GT instead of this V12 truck from nearly 30 years ago. 

How much does the Lamborghini LM002 cost?

Despite the LM002 not being a practical vehicle, prices seem to hover around $400k, depending on condition. Needless to say, this is a classic Lamborghini and you are going to pay Lamborghini prices in order to get one. That is, if you can find one. According to LamboCARS, just 328 units were made during the LM002’s production run. 

Doug DeMuro owns several rare vehicles, but not a Lamborghini LM002. A while back, he did review one, and you can see that review in the video above. 

This truck is powered by a Countach engine

If you can’t tell from the massive bumps on the hood of the LM002, this truck has quite the engine. It a front-mounted 5.2-liter V12 pulled from none other than the Lamborghini Countach LP 5000 Quattrovalvole. The result is 455 horsepower and 368 pound-foot of torque. Power is sent to all four wheels, and it utilizes a five-speed manual transmission. 

A red Lamborghini Countach is parked.
Lamborghini Countach | Sjoerd van der Wal via Getty Images

Besides the engine, perhaps the only thing that signals this pickup truck is a Lamborghini is its leather interior. Sure, it has plenty of mil-spec components, but Lamborghini did not want you to forget what you are riding in if you ever get a chance to experience an LM002.

Is the LM002 a supertruck?

In 2023, 455 hp might not seem like that much, but the LM002 can still be called a supertruck. After all, how many modern pickup trucks are powered by a Lamborghini V12 engine? Sure, you’ve got the Ford F-150 Raptor R and the Ram TRX, but those are not from an iconic Italian sports car manufacturer. 

A red Lamborghini supertruck, the LM002 is on display.
Lamborghini LM002 | Neilson Barnard via Getty Images

Unfortunately, this Lamborghini is not common, and maintaining one sounds like a nightmare. Going with that Ford or Ram truck probably makes sense in most cases. Unless you are someone who has the resources to keep up these vehicles.

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