Don’t Get too Hot in Your 2016 Honda Civic

Summer is still raging. The hottest days of the year are here, and if you drive a 2016 Honda Civic, you may be dealing with frustrating AC problems. If so, you are not alone. There is a known issue with the 2016-2018 Honda Civic AC system. In fact, there is even a class action lawsuit for owners dealing with this issue.

red 2019 Honda Civic sedan side view
2020 Honda Civic Sedan Touring

According to, the issue is rated on the severity scale as ‘bad.’ If you have had 2016 Honda Civic AC problems, you’ll likely agree. Having your AC go out while operating your vehicle during the heat of summer is no joke. You may want to skip a model year or two if you’re looking for used Honda Civics.

2016 Honda Civic common problems

Among the issues with the 2016 Honda Civic, this is one of those that numerous drivers of this model have dealt with. A lot went wrong with the 2016 Honda Civic, not just the AC. Not to say that the Honda Civic isn’t a good car. It is. But the 2016 model year definitely had some kinks to work out.

a gray 2016 Honda Civic three-quarter view from the rear
2016 Honda Civic | Honda

“Consumers reported problems with interior accessories, A/C heater function, electrical functions, the engine, and the transmission. More sporadic complaints came in for brake issues, window and steering problems, and fuel system concerns too. With this many consumer reports, it’s easy to assume these problems are more than just a few isolated complaints. It’s proving to be a problematic year overall, which is uncharacteristic for the Civic.”

Desiree Homer | MotorBiscuit
A new Honda Civic on display at an auto show
A Honda Civic on display | Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images

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While we know that the 2016 Honda Civic AC problems aren’t isolated in terms of overall issues, we felt that this time of year might be a good time to go into the specifics of the problems with the Air Conditioning. With national temperatures reaching a peak, we don’t want you to get too hot in your 2016 Honda Civic. If you are looking at used Honda Civic models, the 2016 model year could be one you’d rather steer clear of.

2020 Honda Civic Coupe Sport on the beach
2020 Honda Civic Coupe Sport | Honda

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Honda Civic AC problems

“A Honda class action lawsuit alleges that 2016 to 2018 Honda Civics possess a defective air conditioning system.”

Top Class Actions

The CivicX forum shows an alarming amount of drivers having 2016 Honda Civic AC problems. And with warmer weather, this problem becomes increasingly risky, as well as annoying. If your Honda Civic is under warranty, there is a good chance you’ll get your AC fixed and be on your merry way. However, if you’re past the warranty the problem is even worse.

2019 Honda Civic Type R
2019 Honda Civic Type R | Honda

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The helpful website reports an average of $1,210 to repair the 2016 Honda Civic if the AC is not working. The average mileage for problems with the AC is 37,350 miles. That’s still a pretty new car for having to replace something like an AC compressor. Hopefully, you’ll be one of the lucky ones that see the problem occur before the warranty is expired.

2016 Honda Civic side view from above as it drives on a scenic mountain road
2016 Honda Civic | Honda

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The good news

Fortunately, there are people in places like CarGurus asking questions. As worrisome as these 2016 Honda Civic AC problems sound, there are owners who have had a very understanding and helpful experience with Honda. Apparently, because of Honda’s awareness of these air conditioning issues, there have been some “goodwill” repairs performed by Honda dealers. So, even if your 2016 Civic is outside of warranty coverage, Honda may still help you out with this annoying complication.