Don’t Get Suckered Into an Unreliable 2018 Ram 2500; Buy a 2019 Instead

There’s nothing more reliable than a good old-fashioned American truck, right? Wrong. You may be looking to save some money by buying a 2018 Ram 2500. But this frequently complained-about model doesn’t live up to the brand’s stellar reputation.

However, you shouldn’t avoid Ram’s heavy-duty trucks altogether. We’ll break down the issues plaguing the 2018 Ram 2500, and we’ll help you find a different model that’ll be more dependable for you over the long haul.

Is the 2018 Ram 2500 a reliable pickup?

A black 2018 Ram 2500 parked on pavement with a mountain range in the background
A 2018 Ram 2500 outfitted with off-road equipment | Stellantis

No, this heavy-duty truck didn’t pass the reliability test for one of the most significant automotive critics. 

Consumer Reports lists this specific model year under its ‘Used Cars to Avoid Buying’ list. Additionally, it gave the truck a 17% rating for reliability – the worst score in its class for the 2018 model year. Even the Ram 3500 finished slightly higher with a 19% score.

However, the 2018 Ram 2500 isn’t the only model that the publication lambasted. It also disavowed the troubled 2014 and 2017 iterations.

How did Consumer Reports come to its conclusion?

The trusted publication analyzes data from real owners about their experience with the vehicle. Consumer Reports pointed out 17 potential trouble spots – weighting each differently based on seriousness.

According to the publication’s data, the 2018 Ram 2500’s suspension and drive system gave owners the biggest headache.

A 2018 Ram 2500 Laramie owner told Consumer Reports that “Ram has a problem with its truck. People are calling it the Dodge Death Wobble. When you’re driving along and hit a bump, you’ll momentarily lose any control of the vehicle. It’s a very serious situation.”

Consumer Reports also found the 2018 Ram 2500’s brakes and power equipment to have subpar reliability.

Why are the 2018 Ram 2500’s trouble spots so problematic?

A transparent image of a red 2018 Ram 2500 so you can see its mechanical components
The mechanical components of the 2018 Ram 2500 | Stellantis

Interested shoppers should be incredibly concerned about these potential problems. The suspension supports the truck’s weight, absorbs bumps in the road, and helps deliver agile handling. 

Most heavy-duty truck drivers plan on hauling hefty objects and can’t risk a malfunction with the vehicle’s suspension.

Meanwhile, the drive system is comprised of the driveshaft or axle, four-wheel-drive components, the transfer case, traction control, and more. Rugged vehicles like the 2018 Ram 2500 rely on these parts working at maximum capacity. Otherwise, you’ll think twice before taking this heavy-duty truck off-road or on uneven terrain.

What model should you consider instead of a used 2018 Ram 2500?

A tan 2018 Ram 2500 parked on grass
The 2018 Ram 2500 on display | Stellantis

Many drivers want a great deal on a heavy-duty truck, and going the used route is a great option. Thankfully, you won’t even have to leave the Ram family of vehicles to find a more reliable option.

Ram redesigned its trucks following the issues that occurred in the 2013-2018 Ram 2500 models. The results were astounding.

Consumer Reports gave the 2019 Ram 2500 an 82% reliability rating – the second-highest score in its class. Plus, the problems the truck does have are much less severe.

For example, owners reported to Consumer Reports that they had the most trouble with body integrity and paint/trim. These categories include noticeable wind noise, cracked seals, loose molding, and peeling paint.

Those issues are undoubtedly annoying. However, at least you’ll be able to drive with confidence inside a 2019 Ram 2500.

How much extra will it cost to get a used 2019 Ram 2500?


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Consumer Reports states that a used 2018 Ram 2500 has an average retail price between $25,625-$43,800. Notably, this calculator depends on trim level, options, and more.

The 2019 Ram 2500 won’t be nearly as cheap. According to Consumer Reports, its average retail price ranges from $29,525 to $58,100.

You may be hesitant to spend more, but it’s well worth the extra money in the long run. You’ll likely have to spend less on repairs, and you’ll get upgraded features.

Ram added a new eight-speed automatic transmission for the V8 engine for this model year. Plus, this truck, when paired with the available 6.7-liter turbo-diesel engine, broke the 1,000 lb-ft of torque barrier.