Don’t Forget the 2021 Tesla Model X Is Changing Too

With all the attention landing on the 2021 Tesla Model S these days, consumers could be overlooking some drastic changes with another Tesla family member. The 2021 Tesla Model X is changing too. And if you’re looking for the EV SUV capable of seating seven, you’ll definitely want to see what’s new this year for the Tesla Model X. When Tesla upgrades any of its vehicles, it’s worth a look.

The Tesla Model X is getting a few upgrades too

The online buzz is all about the super-fast 520-mile range of the Tesla Model S Plaid+, and rightfully so. But it’s not the only Tesla getting some upgrades. MotorTrend calls it the “classic middle child syndrome” in a review of the 2021 Tesla Model X.

The 2021 Tesla Model X is getting a few of the same changes its Model S sibling is getting, including the yoke-controlled steering. The center screen is a widened, landscaped style, with a clean and simplistic dash line, much like the Model S, as well. It’s also available in a Plaid trim, similar to the Model S with its Plaid+ trim.

The Plaid trim is definitely worth a look

It may not be as fast as the Model S, but the Tesla Model X is getting a three-motor Plaid trim for 2021 too. Tesla says this version of the crossover will hit 60 mph in roughly 2.5 seconds, just shy of the time for the Model S. Tesla is boasting a peak power of 1,020 hp. The Plaid variation offers an estimated driving range of 340 miles, which is substantial, even if it isn’t quite as impressive as the 360 mpg range on the Long Range trim.

Also new for the Model X is the interior design layout. Enjoy what Tesla says is the world’s largest panoramic windshield. You’ll have tri-zone temperature controls and a standard HEPA filtration system.

The 2021 Tesla Model X claims its space in the Tesla family

The 2021 Tesla Model X isn’t quite as stand-out or unique in its design this year. In fact, it conforms more to the same design language as the other Tesla vehicles. Car and Driver compliments the crossover’s super-spacious cabin, almost luxurious touchpoints, and seating configuration options for five, six, or seven passengers. 

The infotainment is high-tech, much like other Tesla models, and the Model X has a full roster of driver assistance features. In true Tesla fashion, you’ll enjoy high-end tech advancements, including in-car gaming, multi-device Bluetooth, wireless USB-C charging, and a 22-speaker audio system. It’s a sport utility vehicle at heart, so you can expect versatility in cargo, towing capacity, and all-wheel-drive. Falcon-wing doors make this crossover easy to load and unload. And the standard trailer hitch makes it easy to hook up with your favorite toys.

When can you get your 2021 Tesla Model X?


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You might be wondering when you can officially get behind the wheel of the new Tesla Model X and how much it might set you back. The Long Range version of the Tesla Model X is priced at $91,190. And the MSRP for the Model X Plaid trim is $121,190. If the driving range matters to you, you may consider saving the money to buy the Long Range variation since it boasts 20 miles more than the Model X Plaid. This latest version of the Model X is currently available to buy, and you can build your configuration preferences online.

Anything Tesla offers is often expected to be groundbreaking and revolutionary. And when new performance extras and high-tech features get upgrades, everyone takes notice. But while the buzz might be all about the Model S, it’s worth remembering that the Model X got a refresh too.