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Families, young couples, and even the elderly are eager to get a jump-start on traveling. If the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has put a damper on your plans, you may want to keep your travels on the ground. That’s where recreational vehicles, better known as RVs, come into play. They make traveling convenient — and the best part? You can bring your pets with you. Additionally, if you are embracing the “work from home” movement, you will be able to make the world, or RV camper, your office.  

Should I rent or buy an RV camper?

An overhead shot of a luxury RV park in Boulder City Parkway within Las Vegas, Nevada
A luxury RV park | George Rose/Getty Images

According to Paige Bouma, Executive Vice President of Sales and Operations at Trader Interactive through USA Today, “Renting an RV helps you understand if you even like the experience. Renting will also allow you to try out different RVs to see which kind is a good fit. Some rental RVs also come equipped with bedding and kitchen supplies.” 

Nowadays, it’s a piece of cake to rent an RV. There are rental websites and apps, like Outdoorsy or RVShare — which are comparable to Airbnb or Vrbo.

“Many RVers use their RV at least two weeks a year and some for months at a time. If you think that you won’t, it may make sense to rent,” says Christy Hamilton of Go RVing. However, she mentions if you plan to use it 20 days or more a year, buying may be the best option for you. Sometimes, people purchase RVs and rent them out to peers when they don’t plan on traveling. This could help reduce costs.

Should I get a travel trailer or a motorhome?

So, you want to rent or buy an RV camper. That’s great! Now you’ll need to decide if you’re going to tow a travel trailer or drive a motorhome. Remember, if you plan on towing, you will want to ensure your vehicle is equipped to tow it. Always reference your owner’s manual for this information! Per USA Today, if you’ve never towed a travel trailer or if towing makes you a little nervous, you will probably want to stick with a motorhome.

Types of towable RVs to choose from

Travel trailers, also known as bumper pulls, are the most common type of RV. You can find them built for single travelers or large coaches that will fit the entire family. They’re also easy to set up. Since they don’t have engines, they won’t need as much service or maintenance.

There are also fifth wheels towable coaches, which are larger. Again, you’ll need a pickup truck with a “5th wheel” to tow one of these.

There are different types of motorhomes

Class C motorhomes are probably the type of RV that comes to mind. They are usually equipped with a bedroom in the back, along with some bunk beds in the central living area.

Class A motorhomes are the most luxurious option — think of glamping. They are huge, so they are probably not the best option for first-time drivers.

Class B motorhomes (or camper vans) are small and drivable. They are pretty easy to drive and sometimes include bathrooms. This is the best option for couples who want to explore areas in comfort.

Which size RV camper is right for me?

First, make sure your RV camper has enough room for everyone going on vacation. If you’re going solo or with a significant other, consider a travel trailer or Class B. If you have more in your party, you’ll probably want one installed with seats and bunk beds, like a Class C. 


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