Don’t Buy the 2004 Chevy Silverado Unless You Want It Stolen

Now and then, we hear about vehicles getting stolen from each state of our country. However, the National Insurance Crime Bureau came out with a report that shows which vehicles are more susceptible to thieves, and the Chevy Silverado is in the top three. 

Which other vehicles made it to the top of the list, and which model years are the worst for getting stolen? GM Authority discusses the report and shares their thoughts on it and what you can do to prevent older models from getting stolen. Then, let’s take a peek at what 2021 will bring to the Chevy Silverado.

A brief look at the Investigational Report

The Chevy Silverado comes in third on the list after Honda’s Civic and the Ford F-Series pickups. With 32,583 thefts, the Silverado, one of America’s most popular truck brands, appears to appeal to more than just pickup buyers. They’re attracting thieves as well. In fact, the report shows the most popular model year stolen happens to be the 2004 version. 

Sounds strange that an older model would be more appealing to thieves than a newer one, but in a way it’s not all that surprising. GM’s blog goes on to say that older vehicles, in some cases, have less anti-theft equipment than you see with the newer vehicles. So, older models are easier targets to steal. 

Of course, that’s not always the case though. The report shows that some newer vehicles, like the GM pickup and the Toyota Corolla, lost several thousand 2018 models of their respective vehicles to thieves. 

What can we do about the thefts?

Newer vehicles come with sophisticated anti-theft technology, which will deter most thieves. But there are a few other tricks we can use to keep our older vehicles safe from thieving hands. 

One is to make sure that we park in well-lit areas. This can help increase the risk for a car thief to get caught if they’re seen near your vehicle. 

Another tip is to always roll up the windows and lock the doors of the vehicle when you park it somewhere, even if you’ll only be gone for a few minutes. It won’t take a thief long to gain access and drive it away, so make it that much harder for them to steal it. 

There are also a number of aftermarket items you can purchase for your vehicle to deter thieves. Special alarms will blast, scaring them away, or wheel locks will prevent them from getting very far if they’re able to access the cabin. You can also get steering wheel locks and immobilizing units as well. 

What does the 2021 Chevy Silverado look like now?


California Chevy Silverado HD Owners Are Missing a Feature

The 2021 model will come out with several new upgrades, which are supposed to help it compete, on a closer level, with its rivals. One of the most exciting features Chevy is rolling out for the Silverado is the new trailer technology. 

Chevy’s Silverado will come out with eight cameras that will display 15 different camera views of whatever you’re towing and whatever is going on around the pickup. 

To help eliminate any surprises and unfortunate incidents, these cameras will alert you to possible problems with the trailer behind the pickup or anything coming at the sides of your vehicle. You’ll be able to notice a jackknifing situation before it gets out of hand, or be able to maneuver around road debris you don’t see with your eyes. 

It’s also supposed to get forward collision warning as well as automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection. There will be a good deal of other safety and driver’s aid features, but they remain optional at this time. 

Buying a Chevy Silverado is still one of the best decisions you can make when purchasing a pickup truck. It just might be a good idea to avoid the 2004 model, unless, of course, you use other measures to keep it from falling into thieving hands.