Don’t Buy a Travel Trailer Without Looking at Jayco’s Options

Choose a reliable and functional travel trailer can be a challenge. These qualities are essential for frequent travelers and people who choose to live in their campers full-time. Fortunately, there are many trusted RV brands out there, and Jayco is one of the best, according to Camper Report.

Jayco has been a family-run company since the late ’60s, recognizable by its iconic blue jay logo. The company continues to be successful today because of its high-quality campers and affordable prices. What makes Jayco travel trailers so great and which models are the best to buy?

Jayco RVs are built to last

Because campers are movable homes in many ways, it’s important for them to have a solid foundation. Each Jayco trailer is built with a custom frame to ensure that the RV is weighted properly. The company uses an I-beam frame for large campers and a Norco NextGen frame for smaller models.

The roof of a Jayco trailer can support up to 4,500 pounds, making it stronger than most travel trailers. The Magnum Truss roof door is fastened with wood studs instead of metal studs, which can reduce electrical accidents. Each roof is tightened securely to the camper using large nail plate fasteners.

They’re also weather-resistant

Jayco offers a Climate Shield package on all of its trailers that can keep riders comfortable in extreme temperatures. Occupants won’t have to worry about frozen pipes in winter thanks to upgraded PEX plumbing and a heated trailer underbelly. A double layer of fiberglass and insulation keeps heat or cool air inside the trailer, unaffected by the exterior temperatures.

Climate Shield also adds on dark-tint windows to deflect the heat from intense sunlight. This package is one of the reasons why some customers say their RV is just as livable as their regular homes. According to Camper Report’s review, some Jayco camper owners even made the transition to living in their campers full-time.

Which Jayco travel trailer should you buy?


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The Jay Flights are the most popular campers in Jayco’s lineup, with several models to choose from. The SLX 7 is both spacious and lightweight, plus it’s available with a slide-out floor. The Jay Flight Bungalow is the largest model, available with a bunkhouse, a sleeper sofa, and a large kitchen. 

The Hummingbird line is a great entry-level camper, with the heaviest models weighing in at 3,015 pounds. Even a small SUV should be able to tow a Hummingbird trailer. The largest Hummingbird is only 20 feet in length, so it’s easy to maneuver around turns and into small camping spaces.

However, the Hummingbird is still decently accommodating despite being a small camper. The included mattress is almost the size of a queen bed and it has a fully operational kitchen.

Jayco’s Eagle lineup is good for riders who want the most space and luxury. The 2021 Eagle Travel Trailer comes with great features like a deep refrigerator, LED fireplace, and whisper-quiet A/C system. Shoppers can choose from four floorplans, which include a bedroom, shower, kitchen, and a massive seating area.

Does anyone regret owning a Jayco?

Jayco’s outstanding warranty is one of the reasons why it’s such a trusted company. All trailers come with a two-year limited warranty, plus a three-year warranty for structural components. Most RVs only come with a one-year warranty, so this is a great deal. However, many Jayco owners expressed frustration at getting warranty problems sorted out at the dealership. 

While Jayco approves the warranty, it’s the dealership’s responsibility to make any necessary repairs. Some dealers didn’t fix problems quickly and told customers they would have more issues in the future. Still, this isn’t entirely the fault of Jayco, so it doesn’t detract from the company’s stellar reputation.