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The Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner aren’t popular by accident. These trucks and SUVs have a long history of reliability and durability, but times are changing. Don’t buy a Toyota Tacoma or Toyota 4Runner right now for two primary reasons. There are big plans for redesigned 2024 Toyota Tacoma trucks and 2024 Toyota 4Runner SUVs to bring both into the future.

Don’t buy a Toyota Tacoma or Toyota 4Runner before a redesign

Don't buy a Toyota Tacoma or Toyota 4Runner right now
The Toyota Tacoma and Toyota 4Runner | Toyota

Toyota has seen some struggles with the semiconductor shortage impacting production. Gear Patrol says the automaker focused on some of its more popular models this year, the Toyota Tundra and Sequoia. Bringing those two to the new TNGA-F platform was a big step, but it also means the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota 4Runner are due for a significant update soon.

While Toyota continues to work through pandemic challenges, plenty of work is happening behind the scenes. While the new Tundra and Sequoia don’t have any major issues so far for 2023, it gives the automaker time to work out some problems. That means by the time the 2024 Toyota Tacoma or Toyota 4Runner rolls out; the automaker can avoid some of those issues altogether.

Some of the anticipated improvements are better engine options and increased fuel economy. Toyota has planned more hybrid and electric options for its SUVs and trucks.

Don’t buy a Toyota Tacoma or Toyota 4Runner while prices are sky-high

Similarly, the Toyota Tacoma truck and Toyota 4Runner SUV have been experiencing higher prices than usual. Since automakers have been struggling to keep up with the production of new trucks and SUVs, the cost of used Toyota Tacoma trucks and Toyota 4Runner SUVs is higher than ever. Used versions are selling for more than a new one would go for if anyone could find one at MSRP.

These Toyota vehicles have not been immune to dealership markups around the country. Seeing a 2022 Toyota 4Runner marked up $20,000 isn’t a good feeling. Plus, there are more capable options out there for similar money. Since the Tacoma and 4Runner are so close to a redesign, there is plenty to be updated.

Unfortunately, prices are just higher these days. If you want to try and get a good deal, get ready to order from a dealership as soon as possible. That’s the best way of getting a new Tacoma or 4Runner at MSRP, and it might still get marked up by the dealership down the line.

Buying any new or used car hasn’t been ideal lately

Life doesn’t always go as planned, so you can still buy a 2022 Toyota Tacoma or 2022 Toyota 4Runner if needed. The future is uncertain for larger gasoline-powered SUVs and trucks like these, but plenty of people are still interested in buying both. Sometimes, you can’t wait for a redesigned option if you need a vehicle immediately. Both the current versions of the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota 4Runner are reliable and safe.

When the time comes, there are bound to be plenty of buyers for a brand-new 2024 Toyota Tacoma and 2024 Toyota 4Runner. If you don’t buy a Toyota Tacoma or Toyota 4Runner now, imagine what the future holds for these fan favorites.


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