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Let’s be honest, China has never been shy about copying something it likes. There are many examples of this in the car world. Now, it has its own Hummer H1, and it looks pretty close to the military truck it copied. It’s called the Dongfeng Warrior M50, but is it really like a Hummer H1?

The Dongfeng Warrior M50 follows Hummer’s H1 playbook

Dongfeng Warrior M50 off-road
Dongfeng Warrior M50 | Dongfeng

We’ve seen the Warrior and now Dongfeng, or East Wind, has done what Hummer did before it. Dongfeng has made a civilian version of its military copy. Car China News has provided images of the first one. If you wonder how close it is to an actual Hummer H1, it’s closer than you think.

Back in the 1990s Chinese oil companies began importing H1s. So there were plenty roaming around the oil fields to reverse-engineer an H1. The copying started with the front-mid-engine layout. Its engine is located behind the front wheel centerline. 

The Dongfeng Warrior M50 interior features a huge console

Dongfeng Warrior M50 interior
Dongfeng Warrior M50 interior | Dongfeng

That shoves the interior back, with a tall console that incorporates a screen for relevant monitoring. Other amenities include automatic air conditioning, electric windows, and leather seats. Beyond those features, things look fairly bleak. 

Power for the body-on-frame truck comes from the Dongfeng-Cummins turbo diesel 4.0-liter engine. It packs 200 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. Either a five- or six-speed manual transmission drives all four wheels. The top speed is supposed to be 75 mph. 

But how is it going off-road?

Off-road capabilities are its forte, starting with the double-wishbone suspension. Its design allows for a 70-degree approach angle and a 45-degree departure angle. The 16.1-inches of ground clearance allow for plodding through 47-inches of water. Dual fuel tanks give the M50 31.7 gallons of diesel fuel capacity. 

If we’ve got your attention and you’re Jonesing for one the prices start at $103,300 according to The Drive. Right now only the two-door version is available, but rumor has it a four-door model will join the lineup soon. That makes it a bargain compared to the similar Toyota Mega Cruiser. That Hummer H1 clone will set you back over $120,000. 

We can’t help but wonder if there is a market for the Humvee replacement JLTV in civilian form? These are starting to roll out now, but manufacturer Oshkosh has already said it is forbidden from selling civilian versions. What are the chances that might change?

What about a civilian Humvee replacement?

JLTV Humvee replacement
JLTV Humvee replacement | Army

In the meantime, used Humvees are downright cheap. But not to drive daily. Gas consumption and maneuverability are downsides to ownership. So is the harsh ride. 

But that is something the Army is in favor of. Reports that the JLTV rides too smooth have been revealed. US Army representatives say it should run rougher so soldiers don’t forget it is a tactical vehicle. In any case, it seems like a terrific replacement for a civilian Hummer H1.


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