Doing These Things Will Keep Your RV Cool Without the Air Conditioner

Taking the RV out for an adventure is fun. But, running the air conditioner full-time can be a drain on the power resources. So, the next time you take out the motorhome, fifth wheel, travel trailer, or pop-up camper, consider the tips below on how to keep your RV cool without running the air conditioner. They may provide some temporary relief from the heat, providing another benefit to your getaway experience

Park the RV in the shade

A Winnebago Navion RV sits in a valley on a nice blue-sky day.
The Navion model | Winnebago

Shade equals cooler, more tolerable temperatures. People who live in Pheonix, Arizona, will identify with the importance of a well-shaded spot more than a person from Utica, New York, where the temps are more moderate during the Summer. According to the EPA, shade can drop temperatures over 20 degrees from unshaded areas on a sweltering day. So, the first tip to keep your RV cool is to park in a shaded spot. 

Change the lighting in the RV

Many RVs still have incandescent or halogen light bulbs in their fixtures. These transmit more heat than necessary. Next time a bulb change is needed, take the opportunity to go through the vehicle and change out the bulbs of all the fixtures to LED alternatives. LED lighting emits a lot less heat. On a side note, LEDs also have less electrical usage as well when compared to incandescent or halogen bulbs. 

There is one caution here regarding LED lighting. Keep in mind that lights connected to dimmer switches will require special LED lights. So, keep an eye out on the LED light packaging for dimmable alternatives. 

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Thermostatic refrigerator vent updgrade

Most RV units come with a refrigerator. Although the refrigerator’s job is to keep things cool, it has to work pretty hard to do so when it gets warmer outside. So, there are often vent ports mounted to the back of the refrigerator to move air out of the RV. During sweltering heat, help from a thermostatic refrigerator vent fan upgrade may help keep the refrigerator from developing too much heat. Some vehicles may already have them installed. If not, look into installing one yourself, or get the help from the local RV dealer to do so. 

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Pull down the window shades

The rays from a new day’s dawn shining through the windows can be a welcome thing. But, as the day gets warmer, windows will continue to reflect heat into the cabin of the RV. So, do not forget to pull down the window shades. It is surprising how many campers forget that simple step and pay the consequences through excessive perspiration. 

a Gulf Stream Coach RV trailer in a green lawn with a pleasant forested backdrop
Gulf Stream Coach RV trailer | Gulf Stream Coach

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Travelers often look to make their RV experience more enjoyable. Part of that is taking advantage of little things that can keep their RV cool. The tips above will point out a few of those little, simple changes that can keep heat transfer low inside the cabin. But, when all else fails, the alternative is to go ahead and turn on the air conditioner. Whether these tips help or not, remember to keep hydrated, and enjoy the outdoor traveling experience.