Why Doesn’t Consumer Reports Recommend the New Kia Rio?

One of the most surprisingly competitive segments is the subcompact cars. These small cars are popular choices for shoppers looking to save money and still enjoy the drive going forward. If you are shopping for a small car, there are plenty of models to consider, like the new Kia Rio. But maybe you should look the other way instead of a new Kia Rio.

Avoid a new Kia Rio

On paper, the new Kia Rio looks to be a good choice. It offers you modern styling and some impressive features. Despite the positives, this small car leaves a lot to be desired. 

Firstly, when you look at a new Kia Rio, it will be pretty clear that there are better models available. Consumer Reports does not recommend this car, and for many shoppers, that is an important thing to know. This recommendation can pull a lot of weight with shoppers, and not getting this stamp of approval is a big reason to look elsewhere.

Why doesn’t Consumer Reports recommend the Kia Rio?

the new 2022 kia rio driving on road
2022 Kia Rio | Kia

Consumer Reports has become a popular guide for shoppers looking for a new car. This recommendation can help shoppers to make a more informed purchase. To get recommended, the car needs to do quite a lot right. It’s no easy task, and automakers constantly strive to get their new models recommended. 

In the case of the new Kia Rio, there are a few areas where it could benefit from significant improvements to make it a wiser investment. According to the road test conducted by CR, this subcompact offers a stiff ride that doesn’t handle bumps or uneven pavement too smoothly. Finally, concerning the engine, it is among the quicker models in the segment, but when you need to get up a hill or merge onto the highway,  more power certainly won’t hurt.

All of these aspects and seating that can be uncomfortable on longer rides make it so this new subcompact car can’t be recommended.

Is there any good with this subcompact car?

easy to use infotainment for a new kia rio
Infotainment System for 2022 Kia Rio | Kia

When you look at the new Kia Rio and see that it isn’t recommended, it may be tough to know if there is anything positive about this car. First, this small car offers good efficiency, around 33 mpg. In addition to the efficiency provided, the cheap interior has easy-to-use buttons and dials. Furthermore, you can enjoy some modern driver assistance technology such as forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking.

In addition to the features above, drivers choose this small car because of the cost. This car starts at around $16,000 and will top over $17,000. With such a friendly price, shoppers can buy a new car without an extravagant cost.

There are better options to consider

the front end of a new kia rio, a car not recommended by consumer reports
2022 Kia Rio | Kia

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When you find yourself shopping for a new subcompact car, there are a few other models to consider, such as the Hyundai Accent. While there can be some great things to experience with the new Kia Rio, consider shopping for something recommended by Consumer Reports.