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The 2023 Chevy Colorado is a great midsize truck with many features while still being affordable, but it doesn’t have every feature. General Motors has developed Super Cruise, GM’s system that allows its cars to be semi-autonomous. Unfortunately for Colorado owners, Super Cruise is not available on the Colorado. Here’s why GM is not offering Super Cruise on the 2023 Chevy Colorado.

What Super Cruise is and how it works

2023 Chevrolet Colorado Super Cruise
2023 Chevrolet Colorado | Creative Commons

Super Cruise is similar to features found in other cars, such as Ford’s BlueCruise or Tesla’s Autopilot. There are differences in how these features work, but they ultimately try to do the same thing, which is to allow the car to be driven hands-free. Importantly, all of these features still require drivers to pay attention to the road, which is true for Super Cruise.

Like many other semi-autonomous self-driving systems, Super Cruise relies on a suite of sensors and a ton of data to do its job. For example, Super Cruise will use data from cameras, lidar maps, and other sensors to give the computer a clear picture of the road ahead.

If the car is on a compatible road, drivers can activate Super Cruise for a hands-free driving experience, though keeping your hands on the steering wheel is still recommended. On top of that, Super Cruise has some neat features that truck or SUV owners will like. For example, Super Cruise can be paired with a trailering option to allow folks to tow something with Super Cruise activated. 

Why the 2023 Chevy Colorado doesn’t have Super Cruise capability 

GM first offered Super Cruise in 2018 to the Cadillac CT6, a luxury sedan. After a few years, GM decided it was time for a Chevy model to get equipped with Super Cruise. That’s why Chevy equipped the Silverado with Super Cruisenfor the 2022 model year, among other upgrades. Since the Silverado is the big brother of the Colorado, some Chevy fans may have expected Chevy to introduce Super Cruise on the Colorado as well.

Unfortunately, according to The Drive, that is not the case. The 2023 Colorado won’t come with a Super Cruise option. The reasoning behind that choice is simple. Chevy did some research, and according to the company’s research, Super Cruise wasn’t a “fit” for the truck’s customer base. This may be in reference to the many fleet buyers that buy the Colorado, and Super Cruise isn’t something those customers want in their truck.

That being said, the Colorado does come with some standard smart safety features. For example, forward collision warning, automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and lane-keeping assist are standard. On top of that, adaptive cruise control is available as an option.

The 2023 Chevy Colorado offers some great features

In addition to a capable standard engine that can tow up to 7,700 pounds of stuff, the Colorado is a solid and well-equipped midsize pickup truck. Its interior got a significant upgrade and is most visible with its touch screen. The past model years of the Chevy truck came with a 7-inch touch screen display as standard, and now, the 2023 version gets an 11.3-inch touch screen display as standard.

The design of the car’s interior is different, though it’s still rugged-looking. Chevy also gave the exterior a new look, but it’ll still look like a midsize truck. Chevy hasn’t released pricing details yet, but it should cost around $28,000.


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