Tesla models have taken the EV scene by storm. They are now a household name when it comes to electric vehicles. If you own a Tesla, keeping it in top condition is a priority –– and Weathertech is one of the most trusted names in that industry.

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If you have ever used Weathertech mats in your vehicle, you will most likely never go back. Maybe you are already behind the wheel of a Tesla. Or, like thousands of others, are considering the purchase of a Model S, 3, X, or Y. If so, you might also be wondering if Weathertech makes mats for Tesla models.

Weathertech or Tesla?

The weatherproof floor mats sold on Tesla’s website are manufactured by Weathertech. The durable mats have the Weathertech manufacture logo imprinted on the underside. The only obvious difference between the two is which brand presents itself on the topside of the waterproof material.

So, how much are buyers of these floor protectors paying for the mats with “Tesla” or the particular model name printed neatly in the corner as opposed to those with “Weathertech?” The Tesla online shop offers weatherproof mats for the Model S, Model 3, and Model X. A full set of mats for the interior of your Tesla can run pretty high. Each row is sold separately, while Weathertech sells mats individually and as complete sets.

Which Tesla models have mats available direct from Weathertech?

Wear prevention is the name of Weathertech’s game. Full sets of Weathertech mats are available for the Model 3, Model S, and the Model X in the official shop. They offer a wide variety of options for different years and varying passenger set up for each model. Weathertech also has so many fun accessories. As you browse the floor mats, it is likely that you will see other items that have you thinking “um…need.”

Is it actually cheaper to buy direct from Weathertech?

That being said, the Weathertech mats do run a little less expensive than those bought from the Tesla website. However, with all those additional options for accessories that you just can’t live without your final cost from Weathertech might end up a little hefty.

Impulse buys could easily rack up your Weathertech cart total. So, unless you have incredible impulse control, it’s kind of a toss-up when it comes to wich buy is actually going to be more expensive.

The official Tesla mats have the benefit of adding that custom touch of your vehicle’s respective model printed on them. The shop offers options for mats that protect from interior wear in the Model 3, Model X, and Model S.

Weathertech also offers mats for these electric vehicles. You just put in the year and model of your Tesla and you choose which mat set is right for the level of protection you need.

Does Weathertech make mats compatible with Tesla models?

The answer is yes, Weathertech does make mats for Tesla models. You can find mats for all but the Model Y on Weathertech’s website, in their shop.

Tesla offers a range of options for wear-proof mats as well. Tesla’s version is manufactured by Weathertech also. The difference lies in attention to detail. Although Tesla mats run higher, they have the added bonus of the custom model name instead of “Weathertech” printed on the visible side.

The choice is yours to make, depending on what is important to you and whether or not you want to spend a little more money on the Tesla details.