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The Toyota brand has become synonymous with hybrid drivetrains. The Prius manufacturer also offers one of the deepest lineups of hybrid SUVs, including two models with a third row of seating. This includes the Toyota Highlander crossover and full-size Sequoia hybrid SUV.

Are there any large hybrid SUVs?

If you want a hybrid SUV with a third row of seating, you have several options. Toyota offers both the large Highlander and full-size Sequoia hybrid SUVs. Kia competes with its Sorento. Honda offers a hybrid powertrain in its five or seven-seat CR-V, but not in its Pilot SUV yet.

The spacious interior of a large Toyota Highlander third-row hybrid SUV in white leather.
2023 Toyota Highlander interior | Toyota

There are several more large hybrid SUVs on the horizon. For example, Ford’s PowerBoost hybrid drivetrain has proven reliable and efficient in its F-150 pickup truck. Though the Expedition full-size SUV shares many drivetrains with the F-150, it does not yeat have a PowerBoost option. But if Ford sees a demand for large hybrid SUVs, it will offer a PowerBoost Expedition soon.

Honda is also expected to introduce a hybrid option to its 2024 Pilot. This might translate to a hybrid option for the Ridgeline compact truck as well.

Finally, Toyota will likely introduce a hybrid drivetrain for its 2024 Toyota Tacoma redesign. This may well lead to a hybrid 4Runner SUV for the 2025 model year.

Is the Toyota Highlander hybrid a full-size SUV?

You can order a Toyota Highlander third-row SUV with a conventional or a hybrid drivetrain. With 140 cubic feet of passenger space and 16 cubic feet of cargo space, it might seem like a full-size SUV. But the Highlander is technically a midsize crossover because of how it is constructed.

Promo photo of a red Toyota Highlander hybrid SUV driving down a remote road, trees visible in the background.
2022 Toyota Highlander hybrid | Toyota

The Toyota Highlander’s drivetrain and suspension all hangs off of a unibody, a reinforced body shell. This is because it shares a chassis with cars and crossovers such as the Toyota RAV4.

A full-size SUV shares a ladder frame with a pickup truck such as the Tacoma or the Tundra. The Toyota Sequoia and 4Runner are both examples of full-size SUVs.

Learn more about the different construction of a Toyota SUV versus a Crossover.

Which is bigger Toyota Highlander or Sequoia?

The Sequoia is larger than the Highlander in every dimension, and this allows it another seatbelt and a much higher towing capacity. But it also weighs a lot more and does not offer much more cargo capacity.

Red Toyota Sequoia full-size large hybrid SUV parked in a driveway at dusk.
2023 Toyota Sequoia hybrid | Toyota

Toyota Highlander boasts 141 cubic feet of passenger volume (with seven seat belts) or 84.3 cubic feet of cargo room. The Sequoia can fit an entire extra person (with eight seat belts), but only bumps cargo room to 86.9 cubic feet.

While the Highlander weighs 4,465 pounds the Sequoia’s full-frame construction bumps it up to at least 5,620 pounds. Its larger engine means it can tow a lot more (up to 9,520 pounds) but gets worse mpg. The Sequoia also starts at $58,300 while you can get into a Highlander hybrid for $35,855.

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