Does This Really Mean Chevy Is Doing A Corvette SUV?

For years there have been rumors about Corvette becoming its own brand-possibly killing off Cadillac in the process. The thinking is that Corvette has remained true to its name and has an almost impeccable reputation. When Ford was rumored to be splitting off the Mustang brand into an all-electric crossover the Corvette rumors gained weight. Now Chevy is indicating that there is a “low-roof” Corvette EV SUV concept. Does this mean Chevy is doing a Corvette SUV?

In the video, there is not only a Corvette SUV but also a Camaro EV

There it is, so what is it? | Screenshot GM video

GM is now saying it plans on ramping up EV development substantially. Michael Simcoe, VP of global design for GM says Chevy will get EV “full-size pickup trucks, compact crossovers, and even high-performance vehicles.” In the video, there is not only a Corvette SUV but also a Camaro EV

As you can see the Corvette SUV takes on a number of C8 styling cues like the headlights, hood details, and rear kickup. The rather flat windshield and thick, thick A-pillars indicate this is still a work-in-progress. The last giveaway is the low grille. 

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There can be no mistaking this SUV based on the C8 design cues

Everything in GM’s lineup has an upper grille except the Corvette. So there can be no mistaking that this is based on the C8 design cues. Whether it is just an exploration or Chevy is really pushing forward with splitting up the Corvette brand we still don’t know. 

There it is-what do you think? | Screenshot GM video

All of the vehicles seen in the video have some styling links to Cadillac or Buick. So what else would this be if it were something else besides a Corvette? It may be just a space-filler of an exercise that has no legs. But at the very least GM wanted to tease the idea, knowing it could count on the internet and reports like this to test the waters. 

GM’s BEV3 platform would be the basis for a Corvette SUV

Both the Corvette SUV and Cadillac Lyriq previewed here would be based on the same platform as the Hummer EV. That would be GM’s BEV3 platform. We don’t know whether it would be a modified version or featuring the same wheelbase as the upcoming Hummer. A lesser wheelbase means fewer batteries. Everything electric has a certain expectation of at least 300 miles of range. So Chevy would reduce that requirement should it shorten the BEV3 platform for a Corvette SUV.

2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E
2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E | Ford

No one will answer questions about future products so it is futile to call up Chevy and ask. So we’re left to wonder if Chevy would do the same thing as Ford did to Mustang? These are sacred brands that are rare and very valuable. Marketing peeps know this and protect them as much as they can.

But Ford has given a map for how to do it and we’re sure GM is looking at the sold-out first year of Mustang Mach E production and calculated the profit. That’s an enticing path for GM to follow. After all, GM is in the business of making money, not necessarily making vehicles. When an opportunity appears to leverage a brand to create more profits, GM is normally first at that dinner table.