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The Volkswagen Tiguan is one of the hottest compact crossovers in the segment. It offers spaciousness with an available third-row, good fuel efficiency, and the impressive tech you’d expect from the Volkswagen brand. With all of its available features, does the Volkswagen Tiguan come with Apple CarPlay?

Does the Volkswagen Tiguan come with Apple CarPlay?

All 2019 and 2020 Volkswagen Tiguans come with available Apple CarPlay, as part of the standard Volkswagen Car-Net connectivity system offered on all new Volkswagens. According to Volkswagen, Car-Net is divided into three areas: “App-Connect,” “Security & Service,” and “Guide & Inform.”

The Car-Net App-Connect compatibility comes standard on all new Tiguan trim levels, while the other two services are offered on select trim levels or as available options. As part of App-Connect, owners with compatible smartphones have the option to connect to things like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

What can you do with Apple CarPlay?

According to Volkswagen, you can use its App-Connect to “access and use music, mapping, and other apps on your dash from your compatible smartphone,” using Android or Apple platforms.

In order to use Apple CarPlay in your Tiguan, all you need to do is have a compatible Apple smartphone, plug it into the USB port and “watch select apps appear on your dash through the touchscreen display.” The Car-Net Apple CarPlay on Volkswagen Tiguans is even supported on selected Apple Watch operating systems, which allows you to operate certain features and functions directly from your wrist.

Apple CarPlay allows you to sync your iPhone directly to Volkswagen’s infotainment system. You’ll be able to listen to your favorite music, access phone features, talk to Siri, and use your navigation, all from the comfort of the driver seat.

Many third-party apps are also accessible from your Tiguan via Apple CarPlay, like Pandora, Whatsapp, and NPR One, according to Digital Trends. Apple CarPlay can also support some Google-based apps as well.

With Apple claiming that CarPlay is now available in around 90% of new vehicles in the country, the CarPlay service is continuously updated with more and more features.

According to Apple, the most recent updates allow users to manage almost their entire lives, with just the touch of a finger or through the use of Siri. From calendar reminders to the nearest gas station, Apple CarPlay is there for you every mile of the drive.

Other tech and infotainment features to expect in the Volkswagen Tiguan

According to Volkswagen, all 2020 Volkswagen Tiguans come standard with Car-Net App-Connect, as well as Bluetooth compatibility and a rearview camera system. Base models also come with three USB ports, as well as Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities.

Standard driver-assist features include forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, rear traffic alert, and pedestrian monitoring. Base models and lower trim 2020 Tiguans come standard with a 6.5-inch touchscreen display, while higher trims come standard with an 8.0-inch touchscreen.

In addition to App-Connect, new Tiguan owners can take advantage of the available Car-Net Security & Service suite, which provides an array of security features that are also available remotely through a smartphone. After a trial subscription, owners are required to pay a monthly subscription fee for Car-Net Security & Service.

This portion of the Car-Net system includes automatic crash notification (which alerts emergency services in the event of an accident), manual emergency call, roadside assistance, and stolen vehicle location assistance. It also includes remote vehicle access, remote door lock and unlock, last parked location information, and remote status check.

Also available on higher Tiguan trim levels is Car-Net Guide & Inform, which offers owners enhanced navigation and infotainment services. Any way you slice it, Volkswagen offers a lot in the new Tiguan.