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It’s no secret that the Toyota RAV4 is the best selling compact crossover in the U.S. It is a consumer favorite a variety of reasons, including its exceptional fuel economy, versatile storage space, and modern safety features. Toyota knows how to stay ahead of the crowd by consistently developing the most modern and reliable technology in the industry. In keeping with the most recent industry advances, they have also added Android Auto compatibility to the 2020 RAV4. 

Android Auto and infotainment system

Toyota enhanced their already impressive technological offerings with the addition of Android Auto capability. Android Auto allows users to connect their Android apps and devices to the vehicle, thereby allowing them to make calls, send messages, navigate directions, and listen to music and podcasts without the use of a handheld device. This feature enhances driver safety by allowing the driver to use voice commands or controls on the vehicle console. 

Unfortunately, according to Consumer Reports, there have been some issues with the electronics on the 2019 RAV4, specifically the infotainment system that would facilitate the use of Android Auto. Customers report that the display screen has gone blank, sometimes Bluetooth and mobile devices do not connect reliably, and voice commands do not always work. It can be hoped that these issues are simply bugs that will be worked out in the 2020 model.

RAV4’s modern safety features

In addition to their enhanced infotainment technology, Toyota has made their safety technology standard for all trims. After receiving an excellent safety rating during crash testing, the standardization of these safety features makes it one of the safest vehicles on the road. The RAV4’s impressive safety offerings include automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assist, and lane departure warning systems, among many others. 

For this reason, the RAV4 has excellent safety ratings and low projected depreciation. The only dark spot in an otherwise bright outlook concerns customer complaints about transmission hesitation in the 2019 model. It is possible that this problem has been fixed in the 2020 model, but it is likely that the transmission was simply carried over from last year’s model. If this is the case, we may see another year of lower reliability marring the RAV4’s otherwise perfect rating

Superior hybrid technology

Once again, Toyota technologically outmatched the competition with their redesigned 2019 RAV4 hybrid. Updated from previous years, with a notable increase to 219 horsepower engine and an unmatched 39 mpg, the RAV4 hybrid is at the top of its class for fuel economy. The hybrid also comes with standard 4 wheel drive, and is able to maintain its superior gas mileage, even when driving in city and using the all-wheel drive. The 2020 model may have superficial changes, but the hybrid technology is expected to carry over with the same benefits.

Excellent overall value

The RAV4 is top of its class for good reason. Toyota’s tendency to keep ahead in technology has served it well in the RAV4, and although there are some downsides, like the transmission and electronics issues, complaints about these issues are few and far between. According to Consumer Reports, the standard starting price of currently averages $26,544, while the higher trims are just under $36,000. The 2020 RAV4 pricing falls within the average cost for vehicles in this class, and it has proven to be superior in safety and reliability. The vehicle is also likely to retain its value well during its lifetime, giving it outstanding overall value. The top of the line infotainment system with Android Auto capabilities is a valuable enhancement to an excellent vehicle.