Does the Ram 1500 Have a Nice Interior?

The Ram 1500 received a lot of attention when it rolled out into the market. MotorTrend awarded it the “Truck of the Year” for its overall performance and towing capabilities. This truck has turned a lot of heads along the way.

While we know what it’s capable of, we rarely hear what the Ram interior has to offer pickup buyers. Here, we take a look at what some truck reviewers had to say about the Ram 1500 and the interior cabin.

Pros of the Ram 1500 interior

MotorTrend had tons of good things to say about the Ram interior of the 1500 model. The higher-level packages offer storage galore. The center console alone, is like a mini-office for your truck, allowing you to use the lid as a desk for your laptop when you need to do some research on the go. It has plenty of charging ports for your technology devices and side pockets to stash away whatever you want. The infotainment display screens come with the option to choose an 8.4-inch or 12-inch screen.

The rear passenger area is very impressive not only for legroom but also for extra storage options. Ram bins can be found underneath the rear floor mats to stash away your tie-down connections or any valuables you want safe and hidden from view. On the higher trim levels, you can opt for a rear bench seat that reclines up to 8-degrees, which is perfect for the ample legroom space that you have back there. Some trims offer heated and cooled seats in both front and rear. Add to that the wooden accents and leather trimmings, and you have one of the luxurious pickup trucks available.

Cons of the Ram 1500 interior

With all the luxury the Ram offers with their 1500 pickup, it’s no wonder people tend to salivate seeing the interior. However, this pickup isn’t quite that perfect. Motor1 explains in their review how luxurious the interior is and how pleasant it feels, but all that comes with a price. This truck with these high-level features starts at around $53,000. The more add-ons you get, the higher the price goes up. Is it really necessary to have all those features or can you do with the bare minimum?

Autoguide mentioned a problem with the UConnect system when they tested it out for a week. The display screen froze and restarted on two different occasions. A couple of times they noticed that the backup camera didn’t come on when they triggered the reverse gear in the truck. While these aren’t necessarily huge problems, it appears to be an issue they’ve seen before with this type of technology. It’s something to keep in mind, especially since you pay quite a lot of money for this version of the Ram.

Overall impression

The Ram 1500 outshines some of the others with its luxurious interior features. There’s plenty of amenities to play with and you’re guaranteed to have a smooth, comfortable ride, no matter if you’re in the front or back seat.

The one major problem will be the price point. Having all that luxury in a truck will not be cheap, so if you’re looking to the Ram 1500 for your next pickup, be prepared to spend quite a bit more than other trucks in the market.

The Ram interior features offer the life of luxury when it comes to customizing your truck to impress your family and friends. If you stick with the base features and only add the things you can really use, you can avoid spending your life savings on this pickup.