Does the New Chevrolet Suburban Have Android Auto?

It appears that our vehicles are starting to outsmart us. As connected as our homes might be, the cars in our driveway may be stiff competition for connectivity like these top four cars for android users. And the newest tech to show up in your automobiles infotainment system is Android Auto. If you are springing for the latest and greatest, you may be wondering, does the new, redesigned Chevrolet Suburban have android auto?

Back in 2016, Chevy added Android Auto and Apple Car Play to its line-up. In regard to the new redesigned 2021 Suburban, Chevrolet Newsroom reports that the new Suburban will feature Android Auto capability. Digital Trend explains what makes Android Auto different from your car manufacturer’s standard infotainment system.

Essentially, Android Auto is Google’s infotainment system. The same features of your Android smartphone that you love and use with ease, are now integrated into your car’s dashboard. It was developed to make driving safer and enable drivers to interact with their car’s tech without distracted driving. 

Features of Android Auto

Google Maps navigation

You are no longer tied to your phone’s GPS and Google Maps navigation since this is integrated into Android Auto. You simply speak your destination address and Google Maps gives you step-by-step directions including alternative routes to evade high traffic areas or accidents.

“Hey Google”

So you want to hear music from your favorite band. Or you have a question that suddenly comes to mind. Simply say, “Hey Google…” and the world is your oyster.

Cooperation with third-party apps

Not limiting you to Google apps, the tech is also compatible with commonly used apps that make your daily commute more efficient and comfortable such as Pandora, Waze, WhatsApp, Spotify, Skype and more. 

Other Tech Available in the 2021 Suburban

In addition to Android Auto, these are some additional tech features that will come standard on all Suburbans according to Chevrolet Newsroom.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot with available 4G LTE Data
  • Apple Car Play
  • Multiple USB charging ports
  • Wireless charging with charger cooling (on all models except the LS)

Chevrolet infotainment system

Car and Driver explains that the new Suburban comes “with completely revamped infotainment and connectivity choices which means, of course, more and more bigger screens.” Its new 10-inch touchscreen is two inches bigger than the previous models. Upgrades can mean five more screens throughout the vehicle. One screen that can be upgraded to an 8-inch screen, sits behind the steering wheel and acts as an information and instrument panel.

Another 15-inch head-up display acts as a projector beaming information into your field of vision onto the windshield so that it appears to be superimposed on the road explains The last two screens are placed on the headrest on the back of front row. Each screen has an independent connection which allows users to mirror different content on each screen. 

Over the air vehicle software updates

2021 Chevrolet Suburban
2021 Chevrolet Suburban | Chevrolet

According to GM, “Over-the-air technology (OTA) allows some software updates for certain vehicle components to be downloaded and installed over a wireless connection. The technology provides a convenient way to update your vehicle with some of the latest available software.”

Improved trailering features

Originally introduced in 2019 on the Silverado, the myChevrolet® app takes the guesswork out of towing due to this user-friendly app you can access on your smartphone. Chevrolet Pressroom explains the winning features of the myChevrolet app as “select trailering features such as pre-departure step-by-step towing checklists” and also “allows drivers to conduct a trailer light test that uses an automatic exterior light sequence to help confirm that the trailer is properly connected”.

And integrated into the infotainment system is the Advanced Trailering System that allows you to track things such as mileage and fuel economy while you are towing. You are able to create five different profiles for different trailer types.