Does the New 2022 Honda Civic Look Too Much Like the Audi A3?

The 2022 models are in the design and prototype stage, and one vehicle is standing out. Images of the 2022 Honda Civic exterior and interior design recently leaked, and it appears the automaker has dialed things back a bit from the previous generation. 

For a compact car, the Honda Civic has grabbed people’s attention over the years. And this coming generation will be no different. However, the contrast from one model to the next is so sharp that you’ll either love it or hate it. AutoTrader gives a glimpse of what to expect with the 2022 model. 

What does the 11th-gen Honda Civic bring as far as styling?

Honda’s 10th-gen model had what some observers referred to as over-the-top styling. While some thought it looked good, others thought there was just too much going on. Now that the 11th gen is out, the automaker seems to have pulled back a bit on the styling. 

The 2022 Honda Civic is simpler than it was in previous years. It’s classy and sophisticated, but there aren’t any grand stylistic lines like those seen in the past. AutoTrader said it was nice but wondered if it would hold well with younger drivers. 

Taking a few notes from its cousin the Acura TLX, the Civic has a front hood that appears a little longer, and there’s a spoiler located on the trunk lid. Honda even went with the same less-is-more aesthetic for the interior. It no longer looks cluttered. 

What did Reddit users think of the reveal of the 2022 Honda Civic?

Car enthusiasts took to Reddit to share their thoughts on the new look of the 2022 model. Overall, most users liked what they saw. One believed it was bridging the gap between Honda and Acura. Noticing similar characteristics between the Civic and the TLX, they thought the Civic looked more expensive, while the TLX seemed more reliable. 

Quite a few people liked the simple design and the minimalist interior. Some even thought the new Honda Civic shared attributes of a previous generation of the Audi A3. They felt the styling made the 2022 Civic look more refined than the 10th-gen model. Others liked that it no longer looked cluttered and messy with a lot going on.

And even more users called it a cross between a Camry and a Jetta. They thought the front end looked a lot like the Toyota Camry, while the rear resembled a Jetta. There were even a few who saw a bit of Lexus in the 2022 Civic. 

What they didn’t like about the new model


Is the Honda Civic Still the Best Car for Your Daily Drives?

The new generation of the Honda Civic didn’t elicit many complaints, but a few were mentioned. Some Reddit users didn’t like the taillights. They thought the triangular shape made them look ugly and outdated. 

One commenter wasn’t a fan of the simplistic design. They thought Honda took too much away from the previous year’s design. The new styling looked boring compared with that of the last generation. 

Others found the new Honda Civic to be too bland and generic, that it had lost all style. Some thought it was OK but didn’t care for the front grille and hood design. It just seemed too clunky for their taste. 

Overall, the 2022 Civic resembles the Audi A3, but that isn’t really such a bad thing. People seem to be more receptive to the classy styling of both models.